Monday, 29 December 2014

A Summary Of 2014

Like most years 2014 has definitely had its ups and downs. But overall, I think this year has been my favourite out of the 16 that I have been alive. I feel like so much has happened and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.

Here is a little timeline of events that happened to me in 2014 (if the date is highlighted it means I wrote a blog post about it so feel free to check them out):

  • January 14th- My birthday. My Sweet 16 party wasn't your typical one. Me and some friends had a sleepover where we did many mature things...ok we watched episodes of Tracy Beaker and Hannah Montana. Its just fun to reminisce by watching old shows.
A really cool picture of me at my party!
  • February 18- This is when I made my first ever public YouTube video. I made my channel a while before and only uploaded private videos because I was too shy to make them public. But on this date I uploaded something for anyone to see.
  • 22nd March- I had a dance show with my dance school. I was really nervous to do it but then I ended up having a lot of fun.
  • 9th May- This was my last ever day at secondary school. Year 11 all dressed up and I went as Jessie from Toy Story. Sadly, it got quite emotional at the leavers assembely though.
My costume
  • 13th May- It was my first GCSE. I cant quite remember what subject it was. All I remember was thinking that I was nowhere near ready enough to do it but once I was in there I felt alright.
  • 16th May- Little Mix concert. This was the day of my history GCSE too and it must have motivated me as I got an A in history. This was by far one of the most impressive concerts I've ever been to and I left feeling absolutely mind blown. These girls are so talented and to this day I have no idea how they managed to dance for 2 hours straight whilst singing live.
The view from the LG Arena. We sat on 
the very back row and could see everything.
  • 7th June- One Direction concert. I went with two friends and my sister and her friend. We went to see the boys in Wembley which was an incredible life experience, and it was a beautiful, hot Summer's day. I will never forget the view when it was still light outside and you could see the blue sky, but the stadium was getting dark so the lighters were glowing. 
Everyone doing the Mexican wave at Wembley 

  • 20th June- Prom. I was scared stiff about going to Prom because I was terrified of everybody judging me. Luckily, I had a great time once I got there!

  • July 16th - Started Izzy K: Fashion and Reviews. I was having so much fun blogging that I decided to start a second blog dedicated to fashion, beauty and reviewing products.
  • 21st of August- Results day. I was on holiday when the results for my GCSE's came out. Luckily my Dad was in England and went to collect them for me. I have no idea how, but I actually managed to get pretty good grades.
  • 2nd September- Started Sixth Form. I carried on at the Sixth Form at my school. I had a few new teachers and lots of new students join. Together with new subject everything still seemed so different to school.
  • 5th-7th September- Weekend away with Sixth Form. To get everyone introduced to each other, we went camping for the weekend. That was my first time ever camping and it will probably be my last. The place we stayed wasn't the most comforting. It didn't seem very inviting especially when they told us we had to bring everything ourselves including toilet paper!
  • 23rd September- Beau Bloggers was created. I found Lauren's blog post about wanting to start a blogging community. I emailed Lauren straight away asking if I could join and how I could help out. Doing that was out of my comfort zone but I'm glad I did it because I cant picture my life without Beau Bloggers now.
  • 9th October- I went to see my favourite singer, Ed Sheeran in concert for the first time. I've tried to get tickets for years but never could for many different reasons. It was definitely worth the wait though as the concert was life changing.
An actual picture of the actual Ed Sheeran 
at the actual concert that I actually went to. 
  • 11th November- My YouTube anniversary. It's so strange to think that I've been on YouTube for over a year now. I still remember making my first video like it was yesterday. I know that sounds cheesy but it really does seem like it.
  • 14th November- Me and Georgie met Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog) at his book signing. It was such a surreal experience but I will never forget the fact me and Alfie made eye contact, EYE CONTACT OMG!

Our selfies with the man himself
  • 15th November- Collabed with Alfie Deyes...kind of. Well we appeared in the background of his vlog and I honestly cried when I found out I was in it. 
  • December- I attempted to daily blog by doing Blogmas. It was tiring but so much fun and I'm glad I gave it a go.
  • 25th December- Christmas Day! I spent Christmas with my family and I still cant believe all the wonderful presents I got from everyone. I had an amazing day seeing my family.

So that is a summary of my year. It's been the busiest year I've ever had but it was still so much fun. The song of the day is Rather Be by Clean Bandit because its the most listened to song of 2014. I wish you all a happy new year. How did you find 2014? xxx