Sunday, 6 November 2016

Weekly Summary: Last Week Of October & First Week Of November

Hey guys it's time for my weekly summary post of what I've uploaded on my channel. Only this week I'll be sharing my uploads from the last 2 weeks since I couldn't do a summary last Sunday. 

So here we go this is what you might have missed on my channel lately:

First of all I uploaded my Izzynterview video. This is where I "interview" 3 of my youtube friends on my channel in the form of a collab. This month I collabed with my wonderful friends XOXOnella and Nic Nac. Please check out their wonderful channels if you haven't already!

Next up I have my October faves. I think you guys all know how favourite videos work; I basically just talk about what I've been loving this month.

Then I talked all about my tragic eyebrow past and included very embarrassing pictures from my awkward eyebrow stages! I also included my current eyebrow routine if anyone is interested in seeing that. 

And since I've been watching a lot of Netflix lately I decided to some of my all time favourite TV shows that I definitely recommend you watching.

Thank you very much for reading and possibly watching. The song of the day is The Greatest by Sia. I hope you all have a lovely week :)

Izzy K xxx