Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas Day 18- Christmas Lunch and Presents!

My sixth form hasn't really been feeling the Christmas spirit as they have been setting us lots of work and assessments to do. To make up for this, me and my friends decided to have a little Christmas party at lunch time and exchange presents then.

My presents from my friends that I'm really grateful for

A Levels are extremely time consuming which means that there is no use asking the teachers to put a film on for the last lesson, like they did in school, because the answer would be a definite "no". So I've had no fun lessons to end the term. My last biology lesson of the year was a mock exam. That was obviously extremely festive! Yesterday I had to go into my German teacher's Year 8 class to ask her a question and they were all making snowflakes and listening to music. I was like "OMG can I please join in?"

This was basically my timetable for the last day of term in Year 8 

So it was up to us, the students, to bring the joy into the Sixth Form ourselves. We all brought in snacks for lunch. I brought some coke and everyone else brought sweets and chocolates. We even had samosas, SAMOSAS! Sorry, I got very excited, samosas are one of my favourite foods. It's needless to say that we were very, very full by the end of lunch and had to roll to our next lessons. 

I know samosas aren't Christmas food, but I'll still eat them all year long

And then we gave each other our presents. We were one of the few friendship groups that didn't do Secret Santa as we thought it would be nice to get a little present for everyone. Even though it was more expensive to do, I definitely think it was worth it because then you can let everyone know that they mean something to you. 

And now I have finally finished for the holidays! I'm glad that even though I still had to work, today was good fun because we had a little Christmas party at lunch. I was looking forward to it for ages and it's what's kept me going this week.

The song of the day is I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard because I obviously do wish it could be Christmas everyday. Have you started your holidays yet, or had a Christmas party? xxx