Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dance Nerves :/

By having the grace and elegance of a drunk elephant its clear to me and anyone who watches me that I can't dance. This has never really bothered before me as I like to do fun things even if I'm bad at them. 

I've been dancing, well trying to dance, since the age of 3 and never changed dance schools. I've always looked up to the older girls and there amazing dance moves and always thought that I couldn't wait till i was their age. Now it finally hit me... I am their age. However I'm like nooooowhere near as good as that. Woopsie. 

And last night my dance school had a show and usually I'm like meh doesn't matter if i mess up I've still got plenty of time to improve as I grow up. But I cant use that excuse now and be like "well I'm small so its still cute anyway" because it would look a bit ridiculous if I was to stand on stage and not having a clue what I'm doing.                                                                    
Imagine a non-cute version of this. That's me dancing!

These thoughts kept filling my mind and then I remembered that not only do I have dance in front of an audience, I also have to dance in front of my family. Who were there. On the front row. Cheering. As much as I appreciate the support, just having one of your family members in the audience adds a huge amount of pressure. 

The pressure really stopped me enjoying it especially getting ready before hand. I usaually feel nervous about performing but I've never actually felt scared before. This time I thought I was gonna be sick on stage, fall over because my legs had turned to jelly and cry with nerves.

But after just the first dance my nerves started to ease. By the end I did still make awkward eye-contact with my family but I just went along with it and enjoyed it. Afterwards I came off stage feeling so relieved and with a huge buzz. I just wish I could go back and do it all over again and make the most of it. Overall I feel much better for having done it even when I thought I really couldn't. Its things like that which are really fun and you just have to make the most of while you can and not worry about what you look like doing them as long as you enjoy yourself!

The song of the day is I like to move it as it was one of the numbers and I've had it stuck in my head ever since. Good luck listening to that song without thinking of Madagascar! 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Revising Fail

Just making the most of being on the internet as I know I soon won't be able to...

So exams are coming up, and these aren't just any old exams, oh no, these are my GCSEs. Now I know they're won't be the most important thing in my life ever and there is still much harder exams to come but OMG. I feel like if I don't do well my life is over and the 16 years I have spent on this planet have all been a waste.

Anyway back to the point I'm revising hard. Well I have to don't I. I spend a couple of hours a day revising, at least. My revision timetable is jam-packed of thing I still have left to learn.. But nothing seems to be sinking in!
This seems to be the story of my life right now

And its always fun to have to do hours of homework every evening and also be told by my teachers that they expect us to be revising more than we are. They don't consider that all I seem to be doing is revising. If you want me to revise stop setting so much homework. Its that simple. 

The subjects I take at GCSE are: Maths, English, Italian, German, ICT, history, business studies and triple science. Overall I really enjoy my subjects but the work load can be a bit demanding. Finished my studying for the day now I can finally relax (for the rest of the evening).

But soon my life will consist of just so much homework. Much revision. Such stress. (btw I think I'm getting gooder at grammar)
Literally me when I have lots of work to do

I hope to be writing more posts up until my exams but I have to make the most of it if I cant. Wish me luck (good luck Izzy!) and I just hope the results I get from my exams won't mess up the rest of my life too badly. 

The song of the day is more a cover of a song really. Its Little Mix's cover of Holy Grail/ Counting Stars/ Smells Like Teen Spirit. Say what you want about those four girls but there's no denying they have so much talent its unreal. And their voices together just make my life. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Reasons to be happy

Being a 16 year old girl I may sometimes get the urge to complain. That's pretty normal for a teenager. But then I have a reality check and realize there's actually a lot to be happy about. I came up with 10 simple reasons why I and other people in the same situation as me should be happy. 

And without further ado here are the 10 reasons in no particular order:

  • Nice weather- Although living in England, the weather is never too exciting, when it's different it does make my day. It just makes me laugh how even the slight change in temperature causes the entire country to go into *EXTREME WEATHER CONDITION MODE* even it it just means one snowflake falling on the ground. As this country is completely unprepared for anything other than an over cast it means "yay snow day" which obviously makes me very happy. 
  • I have water- This only just sunk in the other day. All I have to do to ensure I stay alive is turning on a tap. I can even chose if I have a cold glass of water or a hot shower, it still comes out the tap.
Genius invention!

  • THE INTERNET- honestly I don't know how people lived without it as my entire spare time is spent watching countless hours of videos... mainly of cats.
  • Food- Eating is not only essential to me, its also a hobby. Some of my personal favorites include: Nandos, pasta, chocolate and pizza. Just finding out I'll have any of these for my meal brings joy to my life. 
  • Music- There's a song for every emotion. When your happy the best way to stay happy is to listen to music. Even on a bad day, listening to sad songs and hearing your feelings being sung just makes everything better.
  • Friends and family- I know that wherever I am and whatever happens I will always have someone to turn to that will make me smile (its unreal how cheesy I can be sometimes!)
  • Opportunities- I live in an environment where there is an opportunity around every corner, if you look for them. I know that I have the chance to do whatever I want in life. Now I just have to find out what it is I want to do...
  • I'm healthy- I may have the odd headache or sniffles occasionally but that's nothing compared to the illnesses and diseases some people have. This is something I don't take for granted.
  • I'm alive- Think about it for a moment... YOU ARE A LIVING BEING. That means you have the chance to live and have fun in life. #YOLO. Ok I hate myself for using that phrase but honestly, you do only live once so why not make the most of that one life you get?
Me realizing I should make the most of my life

  • Every problem I will ever have is just a first world problem- This is something I think about everyday without fail. Whenever I feel like complaining or think that I have it bad I just remember that whatever problem I face, that is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with everyday of their life.
This is the picture by Banksy that literally changed my entire attitude. 

There is nothing more important when you're feeling upset and unfortunate to look at your life and see everything you have to be grateful for. Aaaannd the song of the day is Happy by Pharrell Williams.