Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas Day 11- My Apologies

At the start of Blogmas I was really determined to blog everyday so know I'm really annoyed at myself that it's come to this. 

I'm really sorry that there was no "Blogmas Day 10" yesterday but unfortunately I wasn't able write a post. First of all my documents wouldn't open which became a problem when I had to print off all my work. It also means that if it's not fixed I will have to redo all my notes for all my subjects since the start of the year. Then to make things even better (sarcasm) the volume on my laptop wasn't working. I had to spend hours last evening restarting  and attempting to fix my computer but alas, nothing worked!

This is honestly what I felt like 
doing when I found out nothing was working

After all that I got the migraine from hell. My migraines are stress induced and I was definitely stressed out at the thought I might not be able to access any of my documents or pictures on my laptop ever again. I also couldn't go to Sixth Form today because my migraines were that bad. The thought of all the work I have to catch up on now is making my head hurt more. I'm stuck in a migraine cycle!

Me and my mum are on laptop fixing duty tonight and hopefully we'll get it sorted asap. So these techiqual difficulties and headaches are why I might not be posting for a few days. Even though I can use my laptop at the moment to write this post now, I won't be able to use it when it's being repaired. 

Things we can learn from my experience:

  • Learn to deal with stress otherwise it can make you feel really poorly
  • When you commit to something like Blogmas make sure that you will be able to actually write everyday
  • Back up all your files and documents so you wont lose everything if your laptop breaks
  • And most importantly: when your laptop breaks don't start randomly pressing all the keys hoping that will fix it. That is unproductive and almost certainly wont work (I'm speaking from experience)
This is how I tried to fix my laptop

I'm hoping everything will be back to normal by the end of the weekend and I can return to doing daily Blogmas posts then. I'm really sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused :(

Thank you for reading. The song of the day is Rocking Around The Christmas Tree. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be back to blogging very soon xxx