Sunday, 30 October 2016

GOMO: Warwick Castle

We've all heard of FOMO right? Well, if not, it's the "fear of missing out". So this month I came across Eventbrite, the largest self-services ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan their events, and their plans to help promote GOMO. This stands for "get out more often" which is an idea I fully stand behind.

The castle at night

 I haven't been sponsored or asked to share anything in particular about this service, I just thought I'd share my honest opinion of it. A service I particularly like is the event planning & management page. which helps support local event creation. Feel free to check out their services if you have an event you'd like to buy tickets for in the near future.

Yesterday, on the 29th of October, me and Georgie decided to pop down to Warwick Castle's haunted castle event for a bit of spooking. This event happens every year, but it was my first year going and I was really excited.

The first event we went to was the Castle Dungeon, which we had to book in advance to arriving there. We were greeted by a Jester who then led us into the dark and dangerous dungeons. In every room there was an actor (who were all pretty authentic and enthusiastic can I just say) who really added to the experience. They told us about the torture techniques that were really used there hundreds of years ago, which made the whole experience just that bit more terrifying since it wasn't just stories... it actually happened!

The display for the castle dungeon

The second event we went to was Outbreak 1349, which was all about the Black Death and it's victims. We were all instructed to stand in a line and place our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us. We then walked (and ran) through a series of rooms where actors were jumping out, lights were flashing, and there was something around every corner. This was the shortest of events we went in, although the experience was very intense and fun while it lasted.

The lit up walk to the castle

The last of the events that we went to was called Tormented. This was all about ghosts that lived in the castle itself and I found it the scariest by far. There was a bit where I thought a doll was literally going to jump out of the stand and I screamed. Then there was a part where the lights would flash on and off, and each time the actors would move around the room and stand in front of people and make them jump. Luckily for me and Georgie, they seemed to always reappear in front of our faces and, again, I screamed!

A display of two knights on the castle wall

And the whole experience of being at the haunted castle was exciting too. They really went all out with the decorations, filling the grounds with creepy lights. My favourite decoration was a giant witches cauldron that was filled with red lights and a steam machine to give it a bubbling effect. And in between your queuing times you could visit their Horrible History maze or walk down their Halloween trail filled with creepy Halloween decorations!

So all in all this experience was a lot of fun, and if you live in the Midlands area I would definitely recommend you go to Warwick Castle next Halloween. It's definitely suitable for anyone of any age if they love horror. I've definitely been motivated to GOMO throughout the year and I hope you have been too. The song of the day is This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas because Georgie wouldn't stop singing it last night lmao,

Izzy K xxx