Friday, 31 October 2014

Carving My First Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!!! I hope everyone's enjoying this spooky day.

This year I carved my first ever pumpkin. When I say first ever, I mean by myself. Usually I get my mum to do all the tricky bits and I basically just design it. But this year I did it all on my own, including scooping the insides out. #independent

Mine is the one on the right

I did film me and my sister carving our pumpkins. Unfortunately the video was not meant to be. Fate intervened and the video ended up having an error so I couldn't open it.

Nevertheless the pumpkins were still fun to carve. I did it on Monday so I would have all week to enjoy them. Carved pumpkins are simply the best Halloween decorations for your home and they really get you in an Autumny mood.

Their place is on the doorstep
 to greet trick-or-treaters!

Thank you for reading. The song of the day is Remains Of The Day from the film The Corpse Bride because I watch that film every Halloween. How did you guys decorate your house this year for Halloween? xxx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

25 Facts About Me

So it has been a while since I made a video. As I had nothing on my channel that said anything about who I am or what I like, I decided to make "25 Facts About Me". I personally love stalking finding out about people so I gave you guys the opportunity to do that to me.

I know that this isnt the best video I could have made, but I was desperate to start making videos again and I dont know when I'll next get the chance to make one. It seems like I'm quite a "Busy Izzy" lately. But if you do choose to watch I'll apologize in advanced for:

  • What my voice sounds like. I've had a cold and almost no voice for the last 2 weeks.
  • The lighting. I cleverly decided to sit in the darkest spot so you cant distinguish between my hair and the background.
  • The fact I probably look/sound nervous. It was the first time I filmed a video completely on my own.
  • My hair. I filmed from a low angle which makes it look like I have a strong quiff game.
With all that said I
 hope you enjoy the actual video

I hope that despite everything, it was still a useful way to get to know me better. And I promise that the reason I mentioned the things that went wrong, isn't because I'm fishing for compliments, I just wanted to say that I know it could have gone better haha!

Thank you for reading, and in this case, also watching. The song of the day is Take Me To Church by Hozier. What is an interesting fact about you? xxx

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Disney Tag

So it's no secret that I love all things Disney. I'm literally listening to Disney songs whilst writing this. I was tagged by the stunning Georgie Watts to do the Disney Tag, because she knows how much Disney means to me.

Here are the questions:

1. Favourite Disney movie?

Choose a favourite Disney movie? How am I meant to do that? But to narrow it down to a few I would have to say the Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Tangled, Frozen, Robin Hood, and Cinderella.

2. Favourite Disney character?

I absolutely love all the cartoon characters from Robin Hood. I think its so cute and clever how they're all drawn as animals that fit their personality.

I shipped these two so hard 
before I even knew what shipping was. 

3. Favourite Disney princess?

When I was about 3 I used to watch the Little Mermaid everyday and became obsessed with Ariel. My obsession became so bad that my Mum made me a mermaid costume and I even wore it to the beach once. I probably got a few strange looks that day.

Forever heartbroken I don't look like Ariel

4. First Disney movie you saw in the theaters?

It was Finding Nemo. I remember that when Bruce the shark came up on the screen, it scared my sister so bad that she hid under her seat for the rest of the film.

Wonder what my sister would think of this now?

5. Favourite Disney Song?

A song that I listen to a lot is Just Cant Wait To Be King, from the Lion King. It's such a feel good catchy song that you cant resist singing along to. With that said, I think my family are rather sick of me playing it out loud now.

Never had a clue why the 
animals were dancing like this

6. What is my dream job at Disney?

I'm going to have to agree with Georgie and say a Disney Princess. Cant imagine anything better than have the excuse to be happy and sing all day. Not to mention your guaranteed a good hair day everyday.

7. Saddest moment in a Disney movie?

The first few minutes of Up. Don't think I've ever cried so much at a Disney film, yet alone so early on.

Aww this is making me tear-up

8. Best Disney Kiss?

I liked the kiss in the Beauty and The Beast the best. I mean he literally transformed into a prince just by a kiss and if that's not pure magic I don't know what is.

9. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which one would you choose?

I've always loved the scene in Mary Poppins where they jump into the chalk drawings. I'd just love to step into a cartoon world and I wouldn't even hesitate about moving in there.

These penguins are too cute

10. Best Disney Princess sidekick?

Olaf the snowman from Frozen. I couldn't stop laughing whenever he said anything and I would definitely have him as a friend if I could.

I'm sorry I just couldn't
 resist using this picture 

11. Best Disney sidekick?

I'm not sure if he counts as a sidekick but Zazu from the Lion King. I believe he's played by Rowan Atkinson which makes the character even better.

12. What Disney movie, even if its not your favourite, has a special place in your heart and why?

That would without a doubt be The Little Mermaid. It was my favourite film for ages and I used to watch it over and over. Constantly. All day. Every day. Without fail! 

13. What unforgettable experience have you had at a Disney Park?

Unfortunately I have never been :( But something I remember is me and my sister constantly pleading my parents to take us when we were younger. Sadly we just never got round to it.

14. When was the first time you went to a Disney Park?

I'm planning to go as soon as possible as its like the number 1 thing on my bucket list.

I'm desperate to see this in real life

15. If you could choose any Disney character to be best friends with, who would you choose?

Flounder and Sebastian. Flounder seems so much fun to be around and Sebastian seems like he gives good advise (if its possible for a crab to give good advise). They seem like the types of friends everyone needs.

16. A scene/ moment that never fails to make you cry?

Either the death of Bambi's mother or Mufasa. Whenever I watch those films I'm like DISNEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? THESE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY FILMS FOR CHILDREN!


17. The first Disney movie you watched?

I'm almost positive it was either the Little Mermaid or the Little Mermaid 2, I honestly cant remember which one I saw first. 

Same here Melody...

I nominate Lauren Williams to do this Tag next, but anyone is welcome to do it.  The song of the day is Just Cant Wait To Be King from The Lion King as its my all time fave Disney Song. Thank you for reading this post, what's your favourite Disney film? xxx

Monday, 20 October 2014

Ed Sheeran Concert!!!!!

Ed Sheeran is my absolute favourite singer of all time. On Sunday the 19th October 2014 I finally had the chance to go and see him live in concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham. I still cant believe I was in the same room as him!!!

How did I even manage to get tickets? 

After discovering his music 4 and a half years ago I finally got tickets this January. Every year I tried to get tickets something went wrong. Sometimes the dates were on a day I couldn't go on. Or the tickets were sold out in Birmingham and I wasn't allowed to go somewhere else. Every time there was a different reason why I could't go.

4 years worth of excitement hit me as I got there. Ed Sheeran is definitely one of the few artists that are better even live and I know that may be hard to believe considering how good his albums are. But trust me, he doesn't need auto-tune one bit.

He really knows how to engage an audience. You can tell he loves each moment on stage and finds any oppotunity to get the crowd involved with singing. I can basically tell people that I've now sang live with Ed Sheeran... technically.

At the end of the concert no one wanted to go home. The crowd booed (jokingly) when Ed announced he was playing his last song. Everyone was leaving the concert still singing. The sound of thousands of fans singing his songs on the way home was amazing.

I was however gutted for the woman walking behind us who said "at least its a Saturday today so we have Sunday to rest". I felt so sorry for her when she would realise it was actually Monday the next day...

I was really happy as he played all the songs I really, really wanted to hear such as:
  • I'm A Mess                                         
  • Lego House
  • A Team
  • Photograph
  • Tenerife Sea
  • Drunk
  • I See Fire
  • Runaway
  • Give Me Love
  • Bloodstream
  • One
  • Dont
  • Nina
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • Take It Back
  • Sing
  • You Need Me


For my birthday my friend (who also came to the concert) got me a personalised t-shirt. It had loads of my favourite things on it, so Ed was on it a lot. I also wore my limited edition Ed Sheeran hoodie. 

The front of my t-shirt 
(Yodeling Lacrosse is a private joke between my friends)

Me rocking the hoodie look

And this post wouldn't be complete without some snaps of the show:

The last picture is 
my personal favourite one 

I literally cant get over how good the concert was, I'm go grateful I could go. The song of the day is A Team by Ed Sheeran. Can't think why I chose that particular singer for this post haha! Thank you for reading xxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Top 10 Favourite Bands

As you may already know despite having no musical talent myself, I freaking love listening to music. My all time favourite singer is Ed Sheeran. But generally, other than that my favourite musicians are all bands. 

In no particular order (like seriously how am I supposed to choose?) here are my top 10 bands:

1. One Direction

So far they have 3 albums out, and I love each one as much as the others. I think some people are just too embarrassed to admit they listen to 1D but they enjoy them deep, deep down. Personally, I think there's no shame in enjoying a bit of feel good music by these lovely (looking) lads. 

2. Little Mix

I've been a huge fan of these girls since the days of Rythmix. Everything from their fashion to their vocal range is just pure perfection. If I could be a member of any band, it would 100% be Little Mix!

3.The Script

Love, love, love the adorable Irish-ness with this group. Not just that though! Every one of their songs is up there in my all time favourite songs. It doesn't matter how often I listen to them, I simply cant get bored of them. 

4. 5 Seconds of Summer

Despite my friend desperately trying to get me addicted for ages, I've only been listening to them for about a few months. I'm really kicking myself now because I've realised how much awesomeness I've missed out on. These boys are absolutely hilarious too. They remind me of human puppies (just imagine thats a real thing ok) and it's impossible not to fall in love with them.

5.Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud were the first band I ever fangirled over. I know every lyric to every song (and proud of it) and I still listen to them nowadays. Not to mention the fact that I'm heartbroken I'm not Cheryl Cole. 

6.One Republic

 I've heard the song "Counting Stars" about 1000000 times and I'm still not even the slightest bit sick of it. I think my neighbours are though as I constantly play it. There album Native has been my life this summer.

7.N Dubz

N Dubz was a band that I was gutted split up. I like love a bit of rap and I always try to sing along with their songs. Their music is so catchy and upbeat, even my mum's a fan.

8.Maroon 5

I truly believe that Maroon 5 could be a band that anyone would like. They don't just stick to one genre of music and I like that they're always trying new things. 

9. McBusted 

My life was made complete when I found out that Mcfly and Busted had formed a super-boyband! Every time I listen to Busted I think of my 6th birthday party and hearing their song "crashed the wedding" play. As for Mcfly, I'm pretty sure I know every song. 

10. Coldplay

Listening to Coldplay is just Paradise (see what I did there?). They are one of the most famous bands around and they truly deserve to be for their amazing talent.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about my music taste. What bands do you enjoy listening to? The song of the day is The Promise by Girls Aloud. Thanks for reading xxx

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beau Bloggers!

I'm so excited to reveal that the blogger community (that I wrote about here) has now officially got a name. 
Beau Bloggers!!! Beau meaning beautiful in french.

Beau Bloggers is a place for people with similar interests to share their blogs with each other, and it is open to anyone and everyone! I know I've said it before but this is what the community itself will be like:

1. What do we do?

We talk about the things we love and our daily lives! There will be great things such as:
  • A weekly newsletter telling you about all the latest trends and fashion news
  • Convo's and forums about fashion and art
  • Regular chats using whatever platform everyone has
  • Guest posts with some of you
  • Much more!
2. Who do we want?
  • Bloggers who like art and fashion (At least one of them)
  • People who read this blog
  • People who would like to do blog posts for this blog
  • People who would like people featured in blog posts
  • People who want blogger friends
3. Why should you join?

Beau bloggers is open to anyone and you're all invited! We are looking to start a friendly community to share posts between people who have similar interests. This will be a great way to get your blog noticed and we are looking for as many people to get involved as possible. Thank you to the wonderful Lauren for coming up with this idea in the first place!

4. How to join?

Find Beau bloggers here! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I promise that you wont regret joining Beau Bloggers and I hope to see you over there! The song of the day is Steal My Girl by One Direction. xxx