Thursday 27 September 2018

My Channel Summary: September

Wooooaaah it's been a little while since I posted on this lil blog hasn't it? Don't worry, that's about to change though. I've finally settled into my new routine at university so I'm hoping on top of work and uni and drinking that I'll have time for weekly posts again!

In the meantime, here's everything you may have missed on my YouTube channel this month:

My First Year Of University Experience

That's right, Izzy K is trying to give university advice. In all seriousness though, I feel as though I've learned so much at university and I wanted to share my experience from first year.

No Makeup Brush Challenge (Chit-Chat Style)

All I have to say about this video is that I wanted to do a little life update whilst messing up my makeup really!

Fake Celebrity Relationships?! #ConspirIzzy

Conspiracy theories are my absolute favourite videos to research and film at the moment and I'm trying to post one a month at least. This month's video is about relationships in Hollywood and how genuine they really are. 

Pampering My Feet With Peachi Exfoliating Sock

I don't think this video was quite what the company had in mind when they sent me this exfoliating sock to try. But I still had so much fun filming this video regardless and I genuinely really enjoyed the product.

September Favourites 2018

And of course, to finish the month, I had to share what I've been enjoying all of September. This video is a little different from the rest of my favourites but I hope you all enjoy watching.

There we are, those are all the videos I have posted this month. The song of the day is Knees by Bebe Rexha. Thank you for reading,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 30 August 2018

My Channel Summary: August

Throughout August I decided to double up the amount of videos I was posting. I'm literally doing nothing with my life over Summer so I'll be posting twice a week until I go back to uni. Here's everything I've been up to in August if you fancy a peek!

Germany/Switzerland Vlog (2018)

Every year I post a vlog of my family's adventures to Germany and Switzerland. Normally I do it in a chatty style, but this year I decided to switch it up by doing a montage to music.

Creator Day 2018

Summer in the city, one of my highlights every year. It's the one time a year I'm surrounded by all YouTubers who don't judge me if I get my camera out to vlog. I absolutely love the community I'm a part of and here's the first part of my weekend in London.

Summer In The City Weekend 2018

Aaaaand here's the second part of that weekend. I legit had the best time ever with the best people.

Never Have I Ever With The SITC Squad

And of course it couldn't stay PG the whole weekend. We decided to film a cheeky little collab with everyone and play a naughty little game called never have I ever.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask Honest Review

And next up the brand Alya Skin was kind enough to let my try their pink clay mask. Here was my honest and detailed review of their mask. 

I've Solved The Flat Earth Debate #ConspirIzzy

This video... urm... sparked up quite the debate lol! Normally my videos only really reach my subscribers, but quite a few people who aren't viewers of mine have shared their opinion on my video so far. I love love love watching conspiracy theories and discussing them and really enjoyed researching and putting this one together.

August Favourites 2018

I actually ended up skipping last month's favourites, which is something I've never done before. But I'm feeling back in the swing of things again and of course I had to lip sync to my favourite songs of the month!

I hope you've enjoyed watching/reading. The song of the day is Love Lies by Khalid and Normani. I hope you all had a lovely month of August,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 23 August 2018

Deciding What Content You Want To Make

Deciding what sort of content you want to publish, whether that be an instagram picture, blog post, or YouTube video, is easier said than done. You might be thinking "Izzy, surely people know what they want to post?"

Me @ myself when I'm planning my upload schedule

However, if you're anything like me and want to post a bit of everything, it can be quite tricky deciding what content you want people to know you for. I've been posting videos and blog posts for almost 5 years now, and only I'm only now starting to discover what sort of content suits me.

My content style has changed a lot over the years, and I've posted almost every genre under the sun including: beauty, makeup tutorials (which 16 year old me really didn't have the talent for), vlogs, tags, interviews and more recently conspiracy theories. 

Like imagine I actually thought this was
 an acceptable makeup tutorial lmao!

Each topic I've enjoyed talking about at the time, but I think as a content creator it's really important to change your style up every now and again to find what your best at. I have no doubt that my content will continue to change over time, but here's the 5 tips I have for deciding what content you want to be known for...

1. Experiment- How are you going to discover what you're truly good at if you don't try? 

2. Find inspiration- I don't know about you, but I spend about 100 hours a day on YouTube (don't mind the slight exaggeration there) and I constantly love finding new YouTubers to watch. Discovering what's out there already in terms of genres, styles and different personalities is so helpful. Personally, I always get inspired to talk about certain topics after I've watched someone else do it really well.

At the minute my youtube inspiration is definitely Shane.
His work is beyond genius and everything he posts is so deep yet so entertaining

3. ALWAYS put your own spin on things- Like I said, it's a good idea to gain inspiration, but don't be a carbon copy of another creator. Our individuality is a gift and we should use it so that people can recognize our individual work.

4. Do what you enjoy- If you're not passionate about the content you're making, it's gonna come across. Its a joy to see people's face light up when they're talking about what they actually care about. Sure, following trends may bring in the views, but it won't keep you motivated.

Make trends, don't follow them ;)

5. Simply create- Even if you don't know what you actually want to make, it's all about trying as much as you can. How else are you going to learn?

It doesn't have to be good, just do it!

So here is my little life advice, based entirely on what I have learned in the last 5 years. The song of the day is Pillow by Bebe Rexha. What sort of content do you like to be known for? Let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 16 August 2018

My Advice For University Freshers Week

It's so weird to think that my fresher's week was almost a year ago. Since it's A Level results day today I thought I'd share my amazing advice to anyone starting uni in September, if that's the path you've decided to go down. 

Mood the whole of freshers

Fresher's week alone is a university experience in itself. I'd say it was definitely one of the most exhausting but funniest weeks of my life. Here is my advice that I'd give myself if I was to do it all over again...

1. Meet as many people as possible- People say you don't even speak to half the people that you meet in freshers week again, but that doesn't matter. During freshers everyone is forming their cliques and it's just easier to make friends right from the start rather than midway through the year. 

No matter what you enjoy doing, you're gonna
 find people with the same hobbies as you

2. You don't have to drink to fit in- Personally, I am a drinker, but trust me I know people who don't go near alcohol. There are plenty of freshers societies to join that don't involve going out out as a way to meet new people.

Me trying to figure out which one of my friends
gave me that final shot that pushed me over the edge

3. It is exhausting- Going out partying, drinking, and not eating properly for a week solid can really mess with your system. It's one big blur that you can't remember, but never forget.

4. Freshers flu is no joke- At my uni it proper hit during the second week, after everyone was partied out. Definitely stock up on your fruit&veg and Beroccas to overcome it. 

Looking for my card after a night out when I could have 
sworn it was in my purse

5. NEVER take your card with you on a night out- For the love of God just don't do it! If you're anything like me you'll take it "just for emergencies" and then the emergency ends up being "OMG I need another jagerbomb"...then you end up being horrendously into your overdraft. That's considering all things go well and you don't lose it first. 

 As it's results day today for A Level students, I hope you've all got the grades you wanted. And if not, speaking from experience, everything still manages to work out for the best somehow! 

The song of the day is I Wanna Go by Britney Spears. Are you going to be partaking in Freshers 2018? If so let me know your plans in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 19 July 2018

My Gap Year Travels

I'm fully aware I'm the living cliche of a person who took a gap year once because I don't shut up about it, but oh well. I made a lot of memories from that time, and you know what, I just wanna keep going on and on and on about it!

My travels lasted for the entire month of May in 2017. And now I've seen one of my friends go interrailing to a lot of the same places that I went and I'm very jealous. Hence why I was reminiscing about my travels, which made me realize I never really shared a full explanation of where I actually went, or shared all my photos on my blog. So here ya go...

Had to include a filthy insta self promo didn't I?!

Me and Georgie flew out to Sofia, Bulgaria as our first destination. I remember eating sooooo much yummy food, and not for a bad price either. Then we went to Plovdiv for a day, unfortunately got stuck in a huge rainstorm, but still had a wonderful time sightseeing nonetheless.

Since we were interrailing, we then took the train to Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest happens to be the city where my Mum grew up, so I still have family there. I loved having a good, overdue catch up with them, and introducing them to my best friend. 

Also while in Romania we went to Brasov for a couple of days. First we explored the city centre, climbed the mountain Tampa, and met up with my YouTube friend Dragos and his sister who live close. The next day we went to Bran to visit Dracula's castle. Yes that's right the real life Dracula! Standing where the real life Dracula once stood has got to be the coolest thing I've ever done!

Next on our tour was Budapest. I'm ashamed to admit I never knew there was a difference between Buda and Pest before my travels, but I loved exploring both sides of the river and comparing the old town to the new town.

Croatia was our next destination. We started in Zagreb which was one of the cutest capital cities I've ever visited. We had a near death experience there because we think we literally witnessed a murder! I spoke about it here on my YouTube channel, but you know what, Zagreb was so beautiful that little hiccup didn't even ruin our trip. Then we went to the city of Split. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful place; it's honestly what I imagine paradise to look like.

Slovenia was next and we started off by exploring Ljubljana for a couple of days (and ate lots of wonderful food again). Then we headed to Lake Bled to see the famous church on an island. Georgie also had quite the experience of witnessing my questionable rowing skills on the lake. 

Vienna was a grand city with something beautiful to see in every corner. It was probably the most expensive place I've ever been though. "Oh sure you want a cup of coffee? That will be 50 Euros" or at least that's what it felt like.

If you're into History, I'd definitely recommend Berlin, our next destination. There's an interesting fact or location on literally every road. The thing that stood out to me the most about Berlin is that it's known for being a city with virtually no city centre. There's just something to do in every square of the city instead.

I had no idea what to expect with Brussels because to be honest I didn't know a lot about Belgium in the first place. But it is be-a-utiful! The gold on the buildings in the city centre is so classy looking. I also remember getting my belly button pierced in literally the worlds nicest piercing studio. I'm tempted to book a flight to go again for my next piercing because it was so nice.

I had a good eye-full of this tower ;)

And last but certainly not least we headed to my favourite city in the world, Paris. I had never been before but it had been my life long dream to see the Eiffel tower. And would it even be an Izzy and Georgie trip if we didn't stay in Paris an extra day just to go to Disney?

(Click here if you want to read all about how I actually planned for my gap year)

So that was where I traveled last year and I legit miss it so much. The song of the day is Budapest by George Ezra because it was stuck in my head the whole time I was in Hungary. Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions please ask me in the comments, 

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 12 July 2018

What Every British Person Is Thinking During This Heatwave

In case you don't follow any Brits on social media, I just thought I'd update you that we're having a heatwave in the UK at the minute. Like, it's actually unheard of for it to be sunny for more than 2 days, so we're quite confused about what's going on. So here's what we're all asking ourselves...

1. What's that giant yellow bright thing in the sky?

The Sun? Never heard of her

2. Spoons anyone?

Get a purple rain in my belly nowwww

3. Is there any point even going abroad on holiday anymore?

Seriously though, a trip to Wales in the sun can make for a lovely holiday

4. Why didn't it come home? 

This does only apply to the English Brits,
 but come on it did kinda feel like it would be our year!

5. How many barbecues is it acceptable to have in a row?

Just wanna be sat outside nibbling away

6. How many lunch breaks in a row can I spend in the beer garden before my boss gets annoyed?

Summer is the only season when you can day drink
 and no one will judge you

7. Why do I feel like I'm on Love Island?

In my head I feel like I'm just as in shape

8. ...Shall I apply for Love Island?

I mean what do I have to lose? Nothing
. What do I have to gain? Weeks in the sun and a guaranteed career in reality TV

9. What's the maximum heat I'm even legally allowed to work in?

Me trying to get out of bed, knowing that there's no air-con at work

10. Will I even survive?

You're lying if you can't relate!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you're all making the most of this wonderful weather. The song of the day is Heatwave by Wiley because it's the most fitting song!

Izzy K xxx

Thursday 5 July 2018

My Channel Summary: June

It seems to have been a while since I mentioned on my blog that I also make YouTube videos. If you're interested please feel free to click on that tab on the top of my page to be directed to the worst content on YouTube ;)

But anyway, I wanted to share what I've posted in June since for the first time in a while I'm feeling pretty happy with my content. I went through a bit of a phase where I didn't feel confident with the content I was producing and wasn't sure what direction I was going in, and it almost felt like I was posting things for the sake of it.

Recently however, I've been making content that I genuinely enjoy filming, and about topics that I'm passionate about. I feel like that's starting to come across in my videos too and I'm having a lot more fun with what I'm producing. 

So here's what you may have missed on my channel throughout June:

The University Tag

It feels so strange to say this, but I have officially finished my first year at university. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And to remember my wonderful first year I decided to film a final university video.

5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

THIS video is one that I was particularly happy with. In case you didn't know, I'm a conspiracy theory junkie, I seriously can't get enough of them. And since I have so much fun researching them, I decided to start my own series on my channel.

June Favourites 2018

I love filming favourites videos, you might say they're actually my favourites to film (if you'll pardon the pun). This is a classic Izzy K monthly favourites with lot's of lip syncing of course!

Turning My Sister Into Me

This video was one of the funniest videos I've filmed for a while. Well, you might not think so because me and my sister have the worst sense of humor, but we literally had so much fun filming this.

So that's what you may have missed on my channel throughout June. The song of the day is Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical 3. Yes, I'm mature! Thanks for reading/ watching,

Izzy K xxx