Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas Day 22- Christmas Food

Just before I describe my favourite Christmas foods, it's probably best that I mention that I'm a vegetarian. That means this post wont include any classic meaty meals like turkey or pigs-in-blankets. 

Christmas is the time of year where you continuously shove snacks into your mouth and then wonder why you no longer fit into your favourite pair of skinny jeans. And then you tell yourself lies like "one more wont matter" and "I'll start eating healthier tomorrow". The wonderful food is totally worth it though. 

This is how I act at Christmas

The food at this time of year is definitely something special and my favourites include:
  • Gingerbread- When I think of Christmas, gingerbread automatically springs to mind. Every year me and my mum make loads. We use it for decorations (such as Gingerbread Sheeran) and unsurprisingly just for eating too. 

  • Mince pies- I was gutted to find out that when you eat your first mince pie you're supposed to make a wish. I totally missed an opportunity there! And be honest, who else thought they were made of minced meat when they first heard of them?

  • Hot chocolate- I've drank about 10 billion hot chocolates already this Winter. We have a Costa at my Sixth form where I drink the Christmas edition brownie hot chocolate. My mum even had to tell me to slow down on buying them because she found out that's where I was spending the majority of my lunch money. 

  • Cookies- Traditionally you are supposed to leave cookies out for Santa. In my house any cookies left out are eaten by me. It's quite strange because I only ever seem to have a sweet tooth in the Winter.

  • Christmas pudding- I either really, really like Christmas puddings or can't stand them. It depends on how they are made. Personally I like mine dripping in custard. 

Thank you for reading. Yes, I am now drooling over all the food I've mentioned! The song of the day is Baby Its Cold Outside. What are your favourite Christmas foods? xxx