Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Summary Of 2017

Ah 2017... what a crazy crazy year. Honestly from start to finish it has been pure madness!

As far as years go, I feel like this one has definitley personally had the largest amount of ups and downs I've ever experienced. But I'm a huge believer in everything happening for a reason and the amount I feel like I have learned about myself and life in general are astronomical.

And most importantly this year has taught me that everything I never thought would be possible, is in fact possible. Both the terribly bad and the good. 

So in reflection on this year, I decided to share a little summary of all my highlights:

  • January 2nd- I started this year off (well the first day of the year that I wasn't hungover) with a walk with two of my best friends Georgie and Laura.

  • January 6th- My birthday celebrations began with me going out with my friends from my old 6th form.

  • January 14- My 19th Birthday and my favourite birthday so far. I honestly had the perfect day starting off with going to my favourite restaurant in Birmingham with my family. And in the evening I went out with my friends from work to Popworld in Birmingham and had the funniest night out ever!

  • February 19th- My Grandparents, Aunt, cousin and I went to Lanzerote for a week.
  • March 16th- All Time Low concert.
  • April 12th- First (of many) Driving Test... yeah I still need to pass that!
  • April 15th- My family went to watch Billy Elliot on stage and omg what an amazing show it is!
  • April 23rd- The shop I work at had an official party and although I made a complete tit of myself it was still a good laugh to look back on.
  • April 28th- My sister received surprise Ed Sheeran tickets for her birthday and was kind enough to take me. Not that she really had a choice because she knows she'd be disowned if she didn't ;)
  • May 2nd- Traveled for a month around Eastern Europe with my best friend.
Here's a little montage of my trip!
  • July- Ok I can't remember the exact date but I went to Germany to visit my family for 3 weeks.

Here are my Germany vlogs in case you missed them
  • August 4th- I attended the youtube convention Summer In The City. This was the first time I traveled to London by myself and I had the most amazing time with the youtube squad :)

  • September 9th- Me and my work friends went out into Birmingham to say goodbye because a lot of us were leaving for Uni in a few days.

  • September 11th- Me and my work friends went out for drinks again to say goodbye.
  • September 12th- Ok me and my work friends went out for drinks for a 3rd time to say goodbye because we're alcoholics #noshame
  • September 15th- Had my last shift at work after a year and 3 days of working there. This was my first job and I honestly adored everyone I worked with.
  • September 15th- Had a mini holiday to Tenby, Wales with my family

  • September 23rd- Moved to Liverpool for university and officially moved out!
Mad love for my flat

  • September 24th- I met Jo from S club in Liverpool. Honestly made my entire life!
We didn't force her to take this picture at all!

  • September 25th- I attended my first university lecture... whilst very hungover!
  • October 19th- Submitted my first two university assignments. This was a big deal to me because I hadn't done any sort of classwork in over a year.
  • November 14th- I watched The Killers perform live in Manchester
  • November 18th- I watched Little Mix in Birmingham
  • December 16th- I came back to Birmingham again for the Christmas holidays.
  • December 17th- My old work allowed me to have a Christmas job again and this was my first day back to the madness.
  • December 25th- Christmas Day, and this was honestly one of the best one's I've ever had

So that's been a summary of my year. Thank you very much to anyone that's been reading my blog over the last year, you're support means the world. The song of the day is Glorious by Macklemore because I feel like that is the song of the year for me. 

Here's to 2018, may it continue to be just as crazy as ever!

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Snow Life

You'll never guess what happened?...

...England actually had snow this week! I can't remember the last time we had proper proper snow that actually stuck to the ground. And I don't know about you, but whenever I see a snowflake my festive mood increases by 100%. It genuinely made me so excited to see everyone so excited.

I came home for the weekend, getting the train from Liverpool to Solihull. Liverpool didn't have much snow but oh my, the West Midlands really did. I got picked up from the train station around 5pm so it was already pitch black outside. Me and my mum couldn't help notice it felt exactly like in a Christmas film, where families are reunited as it's snowing and the streets are filled with Christmas lights.

And the most exciting part of my weekend was that my home town genuinely turned into Narnia. Like legit! Have a look at these photos that my Mum took...

 I'm sorry but how talented is my Mum?

Even if I personally wasn't outside enjoying the snow, I was inside on social media watching everyone else have fun. It seems like every man woman and child was building snowmen, going to the park to have snowball fights, and just genuinely making the most of the phenomenon that it was snowing!

I just found it impossible to be in a bad mood whilst we were blessed with this weather, and I just wanted to document how I felt in this lil' post. The song of the day is Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls. It's not particularly Christmassy, but it's been permanently stuck in my head this last week. Did you have snow where you live?

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 7 December 2017

A German Christmas

As some of you might know, I am part German and have spent a few of my Christmases in Germany celebrating the occasion with my family. I wanted to share a few German Christmas traditions for anyone that might be interested in learning about it. Obviously each family will celebrate slightly differently, but this is how I gathered it traditionally goes down...

The Christmas celebrations actually begin quite early in Germany, as on the 6th of December it is St Nicholas day. Before they go to sleep, children leave their polished shoes or boots outside their door, and if they've been good St Nicholas fills their boots with gifts (usually chocolates) and if they've been bad their shoes will be filled with coal. 


Since this is the first year I will not be living at home for the 6th of December, my mum has ensured I got a St Nicholas day parcel delivered to my University, what a babe! 

Now in Germany, all the main Christmas celebrations are done on the 24th of December. Traditionally, families go to Church on the afternoon. Then when they come back a room in the house is locked and a bell is rung signalling that Santa has arrived. The children enter the room to see the Christmas tree is lit, and there are presents under the tree.

Germans are hardcore with Christmas decorations, with it being thought that the Christmas tree originated in Germany. I truly feel like every traditional household would be filled with nutcrackers and gingerbread houses throughout the whole of December.

The Birmingham German Market; 
My Favorite Place To Spend December

And I have to finish with my favourite part of Christmas, German markets. Luckily, I grew up in Birmingham which is home to one of the biggest, if not the biggest German Christmas markets in the UK. It honestly isn't even December without walking the streets lit up with lights, walking from stall to stall, scoffing your face with marzipan and gingerbread and drowning in mulled wine. And of course wishing I was still young enough to go on the helter-skelter and carousel. 

So for me all these things make up Christmas. The song of the day is O Tannenbaum, a traditional German tuuuuuune! Let me know some of your festive traditions in the comments below, 

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Longest Week Everrrrrrrrrr!

I haven't posted something like this in quite a while, and you might be like "Izzy why are you sharing this? I really don't care!" But then I remembered that I actually started this blog as a form of online diary, and that I want to share little life updates so you guys can get to know me better (even if they're small irrelevant updates). 

So in order to be real here on my blog I thought I'd be honest about the shite week I've had at uni. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being a student and normally I'm having a permanent laugh here. But this week has just been exhausting, and lemme tell you about it:

Assignments, assignments, assignments...

Honestly my mood

Yes that's right, I have three lot's of assignments... all due on the same day. The first one was an essay resubmission so I was actually kindly allowed by my university to have a second go at my first essay. I didn't do too badly the first time round, but I wanted to have a go at bumping the grade up to a 1st. 

The second was a 1500 word essay on social movements for my media course. Oh boy I didn't even know where to start with that one, I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to write about every time I thought of it oops! 

And lastly I have a practical animation assessment for my film course which was conveniently moved forward by a week so it was due the same day everything else was. So when I should have had time to write 1500 words, I'll be spending it in the film studio. 

Sickness has stricken 

I had planned to spend all the days I had off last week locking myself in my room and powering through my uni work. But oh no, my immune system had other plans. I came down with tonsillitis. Ok I don't know if I did for sure, it was a self diagnosis because I have an extreme phobia of the doctors.

I literally spent the whole last week with a burning throat, dealing with sweating from extreme temperature and throwing up my insides (lovely I know!) So I literally didn't leave my bed for 5 days, and had energy for nothing which stressed me out endlessly because I was so aware of the fact I needed to do my uni work. 


I'm not the type that normally gets homesick. Seriously, pop me anywhere on the globe and I'll be settled. It wasn't until my mum found out I was ill, and said "aww I wish you were here so I could look after you" that it hit me I'd rather be at home.

Then I literally messaged my mum saying how much I wanted to just come home and lie in my own bed. But there was no way I was up for the train journey home (I'd definitely end up throwing up on every passanger on the carriage) and my parents were too ill to pick me up from Liverpool. So I ended up just accepting the fact I was gonna have to power through.

On a brighter note!

This post is going up on Thursday and all my assignments are being handed in on Friday. Therefore I am almost over all the workload. 

And I've not been all alone here in Liverpool. I have the nicest flatmates who have been asking how I'm doing, and one of them even was kind enough to pick me up another batch of painkillers when she went shopping. Thank you Aisha, not all heroes wear capes ;)

And last but not least, Black Friday was a thing last week. Oops. May have spent like my entire student loan on a pair of boots, but omg omg omg they are so worth it!

These boots just scream "Little Mix" so I needed them!

So that's what's been going on in the never-ending excitement that is "Izzy's Life". The song of the day is Whistle For The Choir by The Fratellis. I hope you all have a good week, what have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Best Hangover Cures

Ah student life! Its taught me so many life lessons; how to do my own laundry, how to manage my finances, independence. Perhaps most importantly though, it's taught me how to manage my hangovers after overdoing it maybe a bit too much the night before! 

In no way am I promoting going out and drinking an excessive amount! I'm just saying sometimes it happens, and if it does here are my personal top hangover cures:

1. Sleep- Izzy has defeated many a hangover by simply sleeping until she no longer has a drop of alcohol left in her system. I don't know about you, but after a drink I can nap for days. So unless I have to get up the next day for something (like a 9am lecture uurggh) I simply wont! 

2. Water- This is probably the most important hangover cure, since all a hangover scientifically is your brain being dehydrated. Ok I know I got a D in A level biology, but trust me on some things. Don't stop drinking water until that pounding in your head goes away. And plus it's good for you anyway, so go drink some water!

3- Possibly vomiting?!- Ok this is something I definitely do not recommend. It's really really really really not healthy drinking to the point that you're gonna be sick, in fact it can be rather dangerous. But something more dangerous is drinking to the point you're gonna chuck up your insides, and then falling asleep. In absolutely no way am I promoting drinking till you're sick (trust me Mum, I can be a good influence sometimes) but if you've got to that stage, better out then in. You'll thank yourself for it in the morning. 

4. Lot's of carbs- Forget what anyone says about being healthy, if it's not a carbohydrate don't bother eating it the morning after. You need something to soak up the drink, and from personal experience carbs are truly the one for that. Make yourself a cheeky slice of toast, a bagel or... pasta?! Or if you've made it out till the early a.m. find the nearest chippy shop. Is it even a night out without it?

5. Keep busy- The amount of long shifts/long days at uni I've lasted through after a night out is actually impressive, even if I do say so myself. I find that if I somehow manage to do things throughout the day, it takes my mind off "oh man my head is killing, make the room stop spinning" vibe I'll otherwise have going on. And then I'll go and crash into bed around 6pm and then sleep the rest of it off!

So I hope you've enjoyed this different sort of blog post. I just thought I'd share my own personal top tips on how to have a good night out, yet still function the next day... kinda! The song of the day is Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey and The Weekend. What are your top hangover cures? Let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Autumn Tag

I've realised it's been a hot minute since I wrote a tag here on my blog so here you go! I personally love Autumn (let's face it it's the best season next to Winter) and I love writing tags so it's only natural that I'd be sharing the Autumn Tag today!

For Autumn, what is your...

1. Favourite thing about it?

I love the mood. Everyone has just settled into their new year, whether that be a new year at work, school or university. It's such a chill season, known for making you want to drink lots of caffeinated drinks, and sit by the fireplace snuggled up under a blanket. 

2. Favourite drink?

I'm a huge Costa fan, and my go to order at this time of year is a soya mocha. With extra chocolate sprinkles of course!

3. Favourite scent/candle?

Gah this question is really making me miss my candle collection, since I'm not allowed them at uni! I love yankee candles, especially any of them that have cinnamon in them!

4. Best lipstick?

Throughout Autumn or in general? Either way my favourite lipstick is Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury!

5. Go to moisturizer?

I actually reviewed it on my other blog (which you can check out here) and it's the Pixi H2O skin drink. It literally is the most hydrating thing you can possibly imagine and it's changed my life, no exaggeration!

6. Go to colours for the eyes?

Anything from the Morphe 350 palette is my absolute dream Autumn shade. Every colour in the palette just work so well together and I love creating new looks with this colour selection.

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?

I love sitting down and listening to chill music. My go to singer has always, and will always be Ed Sheeran, particularly his Divide Album.

8. Favourite outfit to wear?

Fuzzy jumper, treggings and Chelsea boots.

9. Autumn treat?

Gingerbread men. Sainsbury's pack of mini 30 gingerbread men have been my absolute faves lately. I'm ashamed to say how many hundreds of them I have eaten over the last couple of months!

10. Favourite place to be?

In cities, walking along the streets in the evenings. I just love being in cities, especially when it's dark outside, but all the lights are lighting the streets up and autumn leaves are falling all around you.

The song of the day is One by Ed Sheeran. I hope you enjoyed reading my tag answers, and let me know your answers in the comments below,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Things I've Learned Since Being At University

Who'd have ever thought I'd be here, sat in my room in the halls of residence typing a blog post about my university experience? As someone who could never see themselves at university, yet alone enjoying it, I can tell you that I've learned a lot about myself, and in general, from my experience so far. So in case someone out there is interested, this is what I've learned in the week and four days I've been a student in Liverpool:

  • It's actually quite difficult understanding different accents- Like seriously! Even though I've met a couple of people from the West Midlands, there are a lot of Northern Irish people studying at my university, as well as the obvious Scouse. I'm finding myself embarrassingly having to ask people to talk slower, or repeat themselves so I can understand the Northern dialect. And what I find even funnier to get my head around is that people can't understand ME! Like I never knew how obvious my Brummie accent was to non-Midlanders, but people can spot I'm from Birmingham a mile away. Here's me thinking I have a neutral accent that everyone can understand...

  • Organisation and Time Management- Since I've moved out, I don't have my mum to wake me up in the mornings when I over sleep. The scary thing is, it's all up to me. But so far I've done pretty well; I've got all my work done for classes in time, I've made time to cook for myself, do my own washing and most importantly have a social life.

  • How to get on with a range of people- There are such a wide range of personalities and people from all over the country, and even world here. I used to be such a shy person, but I haven't found myself nervous to talk to anyone yet so far. Of course not everyone gets on with everyone, especially when you're living and studying with people 24/7. Luckily, the people on my course and in my flat are absolutely lovely though.

Me when I'm wondering why I keep bumping into the same people,
and then realizing I actually live with people from my uni now

  • I have no money- This is honestly the tragic one! My student loan barely covers shit so I'm basically using all my life savings in the world to buy groceries. Is bread even worth it though?
Me looking in my purse for bus change

  • How to do washing- Even though I've washed my clothes by myself before, I completely forgot how to properly do it when I got here. Like what colours can you mix together, can you put jumpers and bed sheets together? Who knows?! Luckily though, I've sussed how to stick a wash on, as well as how to pay for a wash in the launderette on my campus. 

  • I can actually fall asleep anywhere, anytime- I used to be the fussiest sleeper ever; I wouldn't be able to sleep unless it was silent and pitch black. But now I've just got used to doors slamming, and people shouting outside my window. The only thing I haven't been able to sleep through yet is the fire alarm when people set it off by drunkenly cooking pizza at 5am...

  • I can't hack going out every night- I used to pride myself on being such a party animal and would go out literally every single time someone asked me to. But Thursday in fresher's week I had to tap out, I literally was so knackered. Now I equally appreciate a night in bed watching Netflix and a night hitting the town. Who am I?!

  • I don't care if I look a mess- I never used to think I could leave the house without winged eyeliner. But the states my hangovers have left me in has left me to not care how I look. Like, I'd rather stay in bed until 10 minutes before my lecture starts, than get up to do my contour. But this has left everyone on my course to see the real me... the spotty mess with huge bags under my eyes. 

So since this week and a bit that I've been a student I've literally become a whole new person. I'm still tying to figure out if that's for better or worse. But you know what I'm coping. The song of the day is Africa by Toto because my flat won't stop singing it lol! Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a lovely week!

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Things I'm Wondering About Uni

University season has officially begun. A lot of my friends have started at university this year, and even more have returned to university for their second year. Now my Uni freshers week is a week after most, meaning I don't move to Liverpool until this Saturday. 

Seeing my friends start and settle already has lead me to think about what my personal experience will be like. Here's a list of questions I have running and chasing through my head about beginning this new chapter:
  1. What will my flatmates be like?
  2. What will my lecturers be like?
  3. Will my course be just as I expected it to be?
  4. What aspect of media will actually interest me the most?
  5. Will I realise what I want to do after university?
  6. How will I mangage to budget?
  7. How will I balance uni work, classes, work, social life and youtube?
  8. Will I get homesick since I've never been homesick before?
  9. Will things be different when I come back home, or will nothing have changed?
  10. How often will I get lost on campus on my frist week?
  11. What will my diet be like? (Consisting of mainly pasta and jagerbombs I should imagine!)
  12. How on earth will my flatmates put up with my music taste. They're gonna have no choice but to deal with it!
  13. Will I still stay close with everyone back home?
  14. How many lectures will I turn up hungover to?
  15. Will I do well? I'm such a nerd at heart so I hope I will
  16. How will my appearance change as I start to "find myself"
  17. In which semester will I officially be declared bankrupt?
  18. How will people react to me making youtube videos?
  19. Will I settle?
  20. Will I actually enjoy my entire experience as much as I'm hoping to?
So there we are, that's my #relatablepost about becoming a student. The song of the day is Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Are you starting a new chapter in your life? If so let me know in the comments the questions you have about this new start,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Mystery Blogger Award

Something I absolutely doing on my blog and youtube channel is tag posts and awards. So you can imagine how glad and honored I was when Aleeha and Lucy from nominated me to take part in the Mystery Blogger Award

“Mystery Blogger Award”  is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma

The Rules:

  • Put the award logo in your post
  • List all the rules
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourserlf
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify each of your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions
  • Share the link to your best/favourite post

5 Questions For Me To Answer:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was obsessed with the idea of running a youtube channel. I had posted a couple of videos, but I didn't have the balls to carry on because I was so awkward on camera. So I thought I'd express my thoughts and have a creative outlet on a platform that didn't require me to talk.

2. What is your biggest fear?

Honestly my biggest fear is ironically letting my own fears and anxieties stop me from doing things I love. Now that I'm slowly bursting out of my comfort zone, I'm realizing I've missed out on so much in life (wow getting deep there) because I was too worried about failing or about what people thought of me. So basically my biggest fear is living a safe life, where I'm too scared to actually try new things.

3. What is your favourite colour to wear?

Is it boring if I just say black? Can't go wrong with black skinny jeans... right?! But my favourite colour to wear besides black is a very dark dark navy (so colourful!)

4. What is your favourite memory from your childhood?

One Christmas, I got a little hint that I may be receiving the Nintendo DS Lite. I remember being so genuinely excited for that Christmas, and I just remember being more excited for that then anything. I'm not gonna lie, I loved that thing to pieces, and sometimes even wack it out for a Nintendogs sesh nowadays! 

5. What is your favourite song at the moment?

Despacito who? It's all about Little Mix's version of Reggaeton Lento now! #songoftheday

My Favourite blog post is: Internet Communites!

My Nominees (Sorry it's not 10-20)

I've had so much fun writing this post, so thank you so much Aleeha and Lucy for nominating me for this tag. I hope you've enjoyed reading!

Izzy K xxx