Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blogmas Day 6- Gingerbread Sheeran vs Icing Niall Horan

This is the thrilling tale of how the competition between Gingerbread Sheeran and Icing Niall came to be!

I may have mentioned a few times that I really like adore Ed Sheeran. I think the man is pure perfection and my respect for him never stops growing. Two years ago I took fangirling to the next level. 

I was baking and then I came up with the king of all puns... Gingerbread Sheeran. Get it? GingerbrEaD Sheeran. Its probably more effective when you say it than when you see it written down haha!
This was the year I made him...

...And this is this year. He's lasting pretty well

The same year that Gingerbread Sheeran was created, Georgie had a One Direction cake for her birthday. At first she couldn't bring herself to eat the piece with icing Niall Horan on it so she delayed doing it. Then she just ended up keeping him preserved in a plastic bag. 

We realised that neither of us wanted to eat our food/celebrity look-a-likes so we naturally decided to turn it into a competition to see who's lasts the longest. Because they're both made out of mainly sugar, they won't go moldy easily and should be preserved for quite a while. So this could still last a few more years.

We of course had to prove to each other that we still have them. This is our picture evidence to show that they are still well and good this year:
Excuse the no makeup/just got out the shower look

Icing Niall's still doing good

Thank you for reading about this very random/weird post. The song of the day is Do They Know Its Christmas by Band Aid 30. It is the ideal song for this Blogmas post because it is Christmassy and has both Ed and Niall in it. Btw Georginaweena I'M GONNA WIN THIS COMPETITION xxx