Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas Day 19- Movie Day

Today, the wonderful Georgie Watts invited me and a few other friends over for a Christmas movie marathon.
This is my expression now that the holidays have started 

It was truly the perfect start to the holidays; watching Christmas movies all day and the fact that my sister's school hadn't broken up yet *me laughing in the background*.

Another thing that was really great about today was that I caught up with some friends. Some of my friends from school stayed at the Sixth form but sadly a few went to different ones. Luckily, we've still stayed in touch and today was the perfect opportunity to exchange our gifts in time for Christmas. 

We watched the films: Elf (no surprises there), Frozen and The Holiday. These films are all hilarious and the day was filled with many giggles. A movie marathon is just what you need to get into the festive spirit.

If you haven't heard this before you're missing out

The song of the day is Little Mix's cover of Baby Please Come Home. I'm honestly praying that Little Mix do an acoustic album because their talent is so underrated at the moment. xxx