Monday, 2 January 2017

Summary Of 2016

2016, where to start? Let's face it, this year most definitely has had its ups and downs. I'm personally done with all the negative surprises and twists that the last year has thrown at us, but you know what I feel like it's made me a stronger person. I'm heading into 2017 with the attitude of "if it's not good enough for me, I won't stand for it". No more taking crap off anyone or anything, I'm determined to be stronger this year. And to be more motivated and productive and ready for anything, of course!








A few of the memories captured on my instagram 
in 2016

So on a positive note, I decided to reflect on all the amazing things I've been up to this year. I've made many many memories this year, and I would definitely class 2016 as one of the most eventful years of my life. Here's a little summary of the things I got up to, and feel free to click on the events that I've written a blog post for to read about them in more detail:

  • 1st January- New Years- I think this goes without saying, but yeah on Jan 1st I celebrated the new year and welcomed 2016 into my life
  • 14th January- My 18th Birthday- That's right, I turned into a real life adult! How did that happen?
  • 15th January- Got my tragus pierced- I was really naughty and went into Birmingham to get my tragus pierced without my parents permission. They still hate my piercing, but I'm still so glad I went ahead with it because it's definitely my favourite piercing
  • 23rd January- Celebrated my 18th Birthday with friends- To be honest I don't remember a lot about this night other than the fact there was lot's of vodka involved...
  • 27th January- Started my "Izzynterview" series- To say thank you to all the wonderful people who have supported my channel over the last 3 years, I wanted to start a collab series. (Izzynterview being a mix between "Izzy" and "Interview"!)
  • 13th February- All Time Low concert- I'd never seen this band live before, but I must say I was truly truly impressed!
  • 22nd February- Mock exams- This was basically when I started to wave goodbye to my freedom and got buried in A Levels
  • 11th March- Had my driving theory exam- And I actually managed to pass
  • 12th March- Dance show- Every 2 years since I was 3, my dance school has put on a dance show. I got really emotional finishing my last ever one.
  • 18th March- Little Mix concert- If you didn't know that I'm a huge Little Mix fan, where have you been?
  • 25th March- The Vamps concert- If you didn't know that I'm a huge Vamps fan, where have you been? 
  • 16th April- Troye Sivan- If you didn't know... ok I think I've used that one before. But for my birthday my friends surprised me with Troye tickets and I'm so so thankful that they invited me along, his beautiful voice was so very beautiful live.
  • 6th May- Shawn Mendes- Me and Georgie managed to get ourselves down to London to watch Shawn perform live. And let me tell you his voice is just flawless live.
  • 12th May- German Speaking exam- This was basically the start of my A2 exams and I had to go to one of the other schools in Birmingham to sit my speaking exam. Luckily I passed and got an A in the actual module.
  • 27th May- Leaver's day- My last official day in eduction (not including the days I had to go in to sit my exams) This was such an amazing day, where we all dressed up in fancy dress and drank a loooooooot!
  • 8th June- A2 exams started- Urrghghghhhhh so glad I never have to sit another A level again!
  • 23rd June- My first day of a gap year- This is when it really hit me that I'm a literal adult. Like I had 0 plans for my future at this point of the year, no job, and I really had no clue what I was doing now that I'd left education. But let me tell you, I found it exciting!
  • 22nd July- Went to Germany- Every year my family visits Germany to visit friends and family. I had a wonderful time, as I always do when I go.
  • 13th August- SITC- SUMMER IN THE CITY! Literally the best 2 days of my life where I got to meet the most wonderful people
  • 18th August- Results day- I was absolutely terrified to pick up my exam results because I wasn't in the best mental state this year and I knew I failed a few of the individual exams this year. But over the 2 years I managed to get the grades ABDD overall, which I'm actually pretty chuffed with.
  • 22nd August- Dublin- I've basically been waiting my whole entire life to visit Ireland, and I can't believe my dream came true and I actually travelled to Dublin with 3 friends.
  • 31st August- 1st driving test- Ok yeah I didn't pass my driving test the first time... or the second. But hey maybe 2017 will be the year where I pass?!
  • 3rd September- Busted gig- I'm very thankful that my Uncle managed to hire one of my childhood favourite bands to perform a gig where he works. I've never seen them live before so it was really a dream come true doing that.
  • 12th September- Started my job- I was so terrified of starting work and having to go to an interview and all that. But I settled in pretty quick and have great banter with my colleagues. And on top of that I'm getting that $$$ so I really can't complain ;)
  • 29th October- Warwick Castle Haunted Castle- I love all things Halloween so when I heard that Warwick castle was doing a haunted castle event I was there in a heartbeat!
  • 13th November- Twenty One Pilots- Me and Georgie had quite the adventure travelling down to London to see this amazing band.
  • 10th December- German Market- Me, Coral and Sophie decided to have a little youtube meetup in Birmingham. It was very Christmassy and I loved seeing those girlies again.
  • 11th December- Work Christmas Party- This was my first ever "work" Christmas party, and the night was pretty eventful to say the least! 
  • 31st December- New Years Eve- I had a very fun time partying for New Years Eve with a couple of friends in a club in Birmingham. It was honestly a great way to start the new year!

So there you go that was my summary of 2016, The song of the day has got to be Shout Out To My 
Ex by Little Mix because it's honestly my fave song of the year. I hope you all have a wonderful year, 2017 let's see what you've got!

Izzy K xxx