Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas Day 4- A Christmas Tradition

I'm sure everyone who celebrates Christmas has their own little traditions. That might be a roast for your dinner, a certain decoration that always has to go on your tree, or a festive film that your family cant go without watching on Christmas Eve.

Excuse the fetus Izzy pictures but every 
photo in this post is from a few years ago

My family also has its own traditions, one of them being the way we now decorate the tree. We usually decorate the tree and all help each other. Admittedly some spend more time decorating whilst others chip in a bit before getting bored and wandering off *cough* Vicky *cough*!

A broken decoration...

...And me looking very guilty. Woops!

But our new tradition started a couple of years ago when we found a few Santa costumes in the attic while we were getting the decorations down. My Dad used to help out at a local Christmas event which meant he had about 20 Santa costumes left spare afterwards.

I've always been an expert at photo-bombing 

 When I saw them I couldn't resist putting them on and insisted that my family did the same. And ta-da, a new tradition was formed as we have been doing it from then on.

Me and my Mum acting like 5 year olds

And obviously we had to reenact Gangnam Style

My Christmas tree is not up yet this year. Hopefully it will be up and fully decorated by this time tomorrow. If its is up, that's what tomorrow's Blogmas post will be about #spoileralert!

This is what the finished 
tree looked like a few years ago

Thank you for reading. The song of the day is All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey I seriously can't trust people that say they don't know every lyric to that song of by heart! Do you have any Christmas traditions of your own? xxx