Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Summary Of 2015

How crazy is it that tomorrow it's already 2016? Let's just let that sink in!

This is probably gonna be a long post so grab a cuppa and we'll get started. Before we move on to the new year let's take a moment to reflect upon the last year. Obviously, each year is completely different for everyone. So I can't really say whether or not 2015 was a good year overall, because I don't know how other people found it.

I personally had a rather good year. Despite stressing like crazy over my A Levels and other things, I did find time in between to do things I love and try new experiences. I've been working on my channel loads more than I expected too and I've really surprised myself with how much I've enjoyed making videos. I also had many wonderful experience such as going to more concerts than I've ever been to in a year and having a couple of day trips around the country here and there. 

Around the world, the news this year has been fairly mixed. There's been wonderful news such as the birth of Princess Charlotte and also disastrous news about things such as Paris a few weeks ago. But I think 2015 has taught us to keep being positive, no matter what obstacles life throws at us. 

And if you're a Directioner like me you will know it's been quite the year for One Direction. Half the things that were happening just hurt to watch including Louis' baby (?), Zayn leaving, the whole Naughty Boy thing. Well let's just say no more because I can't handle the emotions of it all anymore. 

Since reminiscing is one of my favourite things to do, I've kept a record of the exciting things that have happened to me. Some I have written about on my blog already (if so you can click on the purple writing to read more about it) and other's I'm mentioning for the first time. So here are the highlights of my year:
  • January 1st- New Years- It honestly feels like yesterday that we were celebrating New Years eve, and now we're about to do it all over again. I love this time of the year because you really get to reflect on who you are as a person and how to better yourself. It's just so refreshing to feel like you're starting again with things. 
  • January 2nd- Applied for the X-factor- I don't think I mentioned this one on here, but on the second of Jan this year we were sitting at the table with family friends when the topic of the X-factor came up. I decided there and then that I would apply (baring in mind I can't sing at all!) just for the lols. I decided not to go to the audition after all when my mum discouraged, strongly discouraged me from going.  
  • January 14th- My 17th Birthday- I was honestly so spoiled this year for my birthday and I became the "dancing queen" as I turned 17. I still can't believe the wonderful day I had, and I truly think it was the best birthday I've ever had. 
Celebrating my birthday with my lovely friends in 6th form
  • January 17th- Musical Bethan Gig- This year I met a youtuber I've been watching for a really long time, Bethan Leadley. I truly love her music and her videos and she was so lovely and hugged me like 5 time when I met her. Whilst we were there we also met Dodie Clark, who was just filled with personality and simply adorable. I had the most amazing day listening to beautiful music and meeting youtubers. 
Me and Bethan

Me and Dodie
  • January 21st- Told My Mum About My Youtube Channel- It's completely crazy for me to think that this time last year, my family didn't really know about my channel. I was so nervous about telling my parents, because they really didn't get the whole youtube thing at all. But to my surprise my mum is so on board with it all and checks my youtube stats more often than I do!
  • January 28th- My 1st Blogging Anniversary- Crazy times man! I've been blogging for well over a year. At first, I was expecting to only write one post and get bored of blogging straight away, but from the moment I hit "publish" for the first time I became addicted to blogging. 
  • February 14th- Got My Seconds Pierced- Me and Georgie decided to get a second piercing done in our ear lobes. I think I've probably mentioned before that I love piercings so this was pretty exciting for me. And then we skyped whilst watching the film "teeth" on Netflix at the same time. It's so shockingly bad which just makes it even more fun to watch. 
  • February 21st- Reached 10 Subscribers- This was a huge deal to me because I never thought that more than 10 people would ever watch my videos. It really started to hit me around 10 subs in that "wow people have actually watched what I'm doing". 
  • March 17th- Told My Family About My Blog- I can't believe I waited over a year to tell my family about my blog, but it was just such a random hobby for me to have because I used to hate reading and writing. So I never really knew how to tell them that I do this but they enjoy what I post which is cool (or at least that's what they tell me!)
  • March 28th- McBusted Concert- In case you didn't know, MCFLY AND BUSTED ARE THE BANDS OF MY CHILDHOOD! I literally cried when I found out I was seeing them live and the nostalgia from when I was about 5 hit me hard during their show. 
  • April 1st- Started Driving- I hadn't officially started driving lessons, but this was the first day that my mum took me driving around a car park. Needless to say, I still need a bit of practice before I can take my test...
  • April 28th- Olly Murs Concert- Exactly a month after seeing McBusted, I was heading off to the same arena to see Olly Murs. He's truly such an amazing performer and I 10/10 recommend him to anyone who wants to see a good show. 
  • April 29th- 50 Followers On Bloglovin- I remember seeing that 50 people were reading my blog and I couldn't believe that people actually cared enough to follow. 
  • June 5th- 5 Seconds Of Summer Concert- 5sos are one of those bands who are born performers. I think I speak on behalf of everyone there when I say they put on an incredible show. I also remember that this was the busiest, loudest concert I'd ever been to. 
  • June 29th- 100 Subscribers- Around this time I started realizing that, wow, people really are watching the content that I post on the internet. I'm still not over the fact that over 100 people watch my videos. 
  • July 4th- 50 Beau Bloggers- The wonderful blogging community that I'm a part of, reached 50 members. They are truly such amazing bloggers and new members are always welcome. I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing community of talented people :)
  • July 8th- Met Sprinkle Of Glitter- I've been watching Louise for years so it was an absolute dream come true meeting her. She's gorgeous in real life too and Darcy was with her at her book signing and she was so adorable. 
  • July 15th- 100 Followers On Bloglovin- I'm still so grateful for anyone that's following me and made it possible for me to have 100 followers!
  • July 22nd- Germany Holiday- Every year me and my family go to visit more of my family in Germany. We spent 3 weeks there this year and had the most amazing time ever. 
  • August 28th- Signed Network Deal With Outspeak- I was contacted by a youtube network who asked me to join them and I was absolutely honored too. They've honestly helped me when it comes to youtube questions I have. 
  • August 29th- Got My First Dislike On A Video- You might be like Izzy why would you include this in your highlights post? Well I still find it hilarious because I clearly annoyed someone with my cheesy sense of humour, and I LOVE annoying people it's so fun! And I'm not gonna take it personally because I'm still pretty chuffed with the fact I almost made it 2 years on youtube without a dislike!
  • October 11th- One Direction Vlog- This was one of the best concerts of my life and I still can't get over the fact it might be the last one of their's I'll see for a while :( They are just gorgeous human beings that deserve all the success they've had. 
  • October 25th- The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire- Me and two of my lovely friends when to see Dan and Phil live and their whole show was just hilarious. I look up to their videos like crazy so it was an honor seeing them in person. 
  • November 8th- Radio 1 Teen Awards- I can't believe I had the life experience to spend the day in London whilst watching some of my favourite acts in the world perform/present. I'm glad I went this year because I'll never be allowed to go again because I'll be too old. 
  • November 11th- 2nd Youtube Anniversary- Still can't believe I've been on youtube for 2 years, I still feel like a newbie with the whole thing. My experience on youtube has been 100x better than I thought it would be, and I thought being a youtuber would be amazing in the first place! 
  • December 1st- Started Blogmas- Blogmas is one of my favourite times of year because I always have so many thoughts to pour out onto my blog during winter. It went by faster this year. 
  • December 22nd- Reached 1000 subscribers- This is basically my dream come true, my dream has come true! I don't think I'll ever believe that it's happened and thank you so much for anyone that made it possible by subscribing :)
  • December 25th- Christmas- This is my favourite day of the year and I never get over the wonderful celebrations of the day. I'm so eternally grateful that I've always been lucky enough to have great Christmases. 
  • December 31st- New Years- Aaaaannnnd that brings us to today. The very last day of the year and that's absolutely crazy to say! I'm spending the day with my family, and the evening with a few of my friends. I'm already looking forward to the celebrations and to watching the London fireworks on TV!

So that was a summary of 2015 for me. I'm still not over how quickly it just flew by, but I'm glad I have made so many memories to look back on. I have no idea what 2016 awaits for me. Literally no idea since I have 0 plans for after I finish my A Levels. I should probably get thinking on what I'm gonna do but that's a problem for another day!

I hope that you all celebrate safely tonight and that you have the most wonderful evening. I also hope more than anything that 2016 treats you all well and that all your dreams and desires come true this year. The song of the day is Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift, because this year really has been beyond my wildest dreams! Happy new year to you all!

Izzy K xxx