Friday, 4 December 2015

Blogmas Day 4: Top 10 Favourite Things About Winter

I don't hide the fact that Winter is my absolute favourite season of the year. There are just so many things about it that fill me with utter joy and for me, nothing compares to this season. So without further ado here are just 10 of the many reasons I adore Winter: 

1. Christmas- This is always the most exciting holiday of the year because it's just such a magical holiday. Obviously, there is a religious aspect to this celebration, but apart from that I love the good spirit it puts everyone in. And not to mention the fact that everyone gives and receives presents, and these are especially nice when a lot of effort have gone into them. 

2. Other celebrations- After Christmas is New Years which I love because I love getting a fresh start. And following that, on the 14th of January, its MY BIRTHDAY! Basically, Winter seems to be party season. 

3. The festive spirit- And all this partying clearly gets people in the festive spirit. I love the feeling a few days before the holidays, where despite having looooaaaads of work, everyone is more chilled than usual. I tend to find that around this time of year, people are more giggly and jollier than usual, which is clearly the result of Christmas cheer. 

4. Dark Lips- Onto my makeup favourite of the season: dark lips. I feel like it's more socially acceptable to get those red and berry shades out. My lipstick favouites for this time of year are Rimmel Kate Moss in the shades 111 and 107, I definitely recommend them. 

5. Silly Jumpers- I'm all for wearing crazy clothing and I absolutely love the fact that silly Christmas jumpers have really come into fashion these last few years. 

6. Christmas lights- Isn't it just the best feeling ever, driving around at night and seeing all the festive lights, either on peoples houses or decorating the streets. 

7. Dark Nights- And of course, to emphasize these bright lights you're gonna need darker evenings to show them off. I find it so cool how it gets darker around 4.30 in the afternoon and you can get home and feel nice and cozy there. 

8. Cold weather- If you know me, you'll know that I can't stand hot weather at all, and warm weather is just about bearable. For me there's nothing better than wrapping up nice and warm, and going outside to feel the crisp Winter air. And if we're lucky, we might even get some snow this year.

9. Amazing drinks- Luckily, to deal with this cold weather, there are the best hot drinks available. My favourite coffee shop is Costa, and at this time of year my fave drink has to be the caramel fudge hot chocolate. 

10. The holidays- If you ask any student across the country, you can guarantee that they love the 2 weeks holiday you get for Christmas. Even though I know I'll have ridiculous amounts of 6th form work to do, I'm hoping to do it all in my pajamas whilst watching Christmas movies. I'm pretty sure I'll have at least one movie day (more like many continuous movie days) this holiday.

Thank you so much for reading my list of 10 things I love about Winter. The song of the day is Fairytale of New York because it's my all time favourite Christmas song. What are your favourite things about Winter? 

Izzy K xxx

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