Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Where Is The Love

I just have to say before I start that I'm sorry this isn't a happy-dappy Christmas post. I'm writing this because during Blogmas, I wanted to share what's been going on in my life and my thoughts as well as just Christmas themed things. But today I couldn't just ignore what's been happening.

The topic that I want to discuss, of course, is the recent Syria bombings. It completely breaks my heart to say that last night at 10pm just over 300 votes were cast by Parliament making the decision to send in an airstrike to Syria. 

I know that without a doubt they did have their "reasons" to do it, however I still feel like this was a completely rushed decision and one the public did not support. In fact the citizens of the UK were protesting in the streets against the decision and twitter went absolutely crazy (I didn't see one tweet supporting the decision #justsaying)

You see, this is just gonna cause more problems than necessary. First of all, if the UK was a target before, it's gonna be a bloody huge one now! And second of all bombing Syria has caused the deaths of innocent people. Innocent people. They did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I just wish there was some way to reverse what has happened to them. My thoughts are with the poor people who were effected #prayforsyria

Now I don't think that any innocent people should have to pay for something they didn't do. And certainly not with their lives. I don't understand how someone feels they have the authority to make the decision about who lives and who dies in another country. If I made that decision there would be no way I'd be able to sleep at night, and I most definitely wouldn't be looking as smug as they did after the vote. 

Also, how is the government able to afford all this (each aircraft cost over £500,000) when they can't afford:

  • To keep the NHS running properly
  • To pay for university education
  • To pay for welfare
  • To spend money on benefits

In summary, I'm disgusted about what has happened and from what I've heard 99% of the country feels that way too. How dare the Prime Minister call his oppositions "terrorist sympathizers" whilst he had his heart set on murdering innocent civilians for "the greater good". 

There is so much more that I want to talk about on this topic, but for now I'll stop here. I truly can't believe what happened and I feel more unsafe than ever as a result. I'm praying this won't cause something bigger and for now I'm still praying for those who have been effected by war. The song of the day is Where Is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas because it's more relevant now then ever. What are your thoughts on the recent events?

Izzy K xxx