Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year, New Blog

Let's just start of by saying how crazy is it that it's actually the new year. Like how is it 2016 already?

Here's my 1st selfie of the year. 
It's me chilling with my sister's cardboard cut out of 
James McVey from the Vamps cus why not?!

I started of the new year by celebrating with friends at my house and it was a really fun night. We watched high school musical which makes it hard to believe that we're all turning 18 this year, but let's face it you're never too old for that film. I truly hope you all had amazing celebrations too and were able to see your loved ones. I hope 2016 is the best year you guys have ever had!

Now onto the more obvious thing, you may have already noticed that I've completely changed my blog theme, both on this one and Izzy K: Reviews & More. I wasn't happy with my old one because I felt like it looked a bit tacky so I wanted something professional looking so I could be proud of it. I'm definitely more happier with the way this one looks.

However, I still feel like it's a little boring looking. I'd absolutely love to hear your honest opinions on my new design. I'm probably gonna change the theme another million times this year, but I'm gonna try this one out first. I've used the default blogger themes to design this so if you have any free blogger template design website recommendations I'd absolutely love to hear them.

I'm really hoping to work hard on my blog this year and grow it into something that I'm truly proud of. I'm also looking forward to seeing what my fellow bloggers post this year, I know they'll continue to impress me. So here's to blogging success in 2016 *cheers*

I don't have a song of the day because it's just a soundtrack of the day instead, and that would be all the songs from The Sound Of Music, because I've been watching it all afternoon and forgot how good it was. Happy New Year everyone! 

Izzy K xxx