Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19: School and Winter

Since this was my last ever year spending the Winter term in education, I've been doing a lot of reminiscing. I've come to realise there were a few Winter traditions my school, and other schools I'm sure, followed and here are my favourites:

1. Christmas Movies- I think every student knows the excitement that comes when you go to your last few lessons of the year and see DVDs stacked up on the teacher's desk. I remember everyone complaining a few years ago because they actually watched Elf "too many times" in all their lessons (as if you can watch that film too many times). I didn't think I'd have this tradition this year because pretty much since I started GCSE's my classes had been too busy to stop working. But I think this year my teachers took pity on us because it's our last year, and we even watched a few youtube videos on the last day. 

Remember the excitement when you saw this bad boy in the classroom?

2. Making Festive Decorations- Most teachers on my last few days of term would basically turn their lessons into "how can I relate this to Christmas" lessons because lets face it, even they want a rest for the holidays. Over my years in education I've made countless numbers of cards, snowflakes and other decorations. 

These are always in every classroom in my school in December

3. Christmas Assemblies/ Nativity Plays- As far as I know, most schools finish the year with some sort of performance. In my younger years at school we always used to do nativity plays, most of the time I would be a star! Then in secondary school, we would have Christmas assemblies where students and teachers would perform any talents they had. Needless to say I never performed...

4. Snow Days- The best feeling ever was when you were sitting in a boring class and someone would shout out "IT'S SNOWING!" It was even better when you wake up to find that over night it had been chucking it down with snow and that you didn't have to go in. That meant you could spend the whole day playing out in the snow with friends.

5. Christmas Parties- At the end of most school years I had some sort of Christmas party. We usually did something like Secret Santa as a class and blasted out the Christmas tunes. One year, we were taking a class photo and everyone was stood on a big table in our class room. Then, because everyone was excited and jumping about, the table snapped when we were all on it. It was seriously so hilarious. 

Mmmmm look at all this Christmas party food!

So here are my favourite school memories during the Christmas time. The song of the day is Happy Christmas (War Is Over). What are some of your favourite school memories from this time of year?

Izzy K xxx