Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogmas Day 13: All The Emotions

I wasn't planning on doing this post today, but upon reflection I've realised I've actually been feeling all the feels today. So instead of doing a planned post, I decided to share with you a spontaneous general little life update. 

The first thing I wanted to share on this post is the fact that I went to see the Nutcracker ballet yesterday. It was for my mum's Christmas present and she's been wanting to go and see the ballet for years and years, so this year my dad finally brought the tickets and surprised her. She had no idea that we were going out at all until yesterday morning, and didn't know where we were going until a few hours before leaving. 

I should probably mention that these photos are not my own 
but they're too beautiful not to share

The performance itself was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. Each part was done to perfection, and all the dancers moved with such grace and were completely and utterly in sync with each other. As someone who has done ballet since they were 3 (although not to a good standard) and pointe for a couple of years, I appreciate the talent and strength it takes to dance like that. Every time they did something really impressive and difficult looking (which was every other second) I gasped with astonishment, but my thoughts really went out to those dancer's poor feet. 

The ballet was so entertaining, even more than I expected it to be and I already had high hopes for it to start with. I truly think my mum enjoyed her little treat and I don't think she could quite get over the fact we actually went to see it. So I'm still feeling a little emotional from the beautiful ballet I saw yesterday. 

And the second reason I'm really emotional is because it was One Direction's last performance before their hiatus today. And OMG I COULD NOT HANDLE THEIR PERFORMANCE ON THE X FACTOR! 

Excuse me while I cry!

The songs they sang on the x factor final were Infinity and History, so basically they wanted me to cry my eyes out apparently. They had tears in their eyes whilst performing and I couldn't deal with that long hug at the end. 


Sorry if you're bored of me releasing my inner fangirl but I just couldn't help thinking back to their days on the x factor and how far they've come. THEY FINISHED WHERE THEY STARTED! And don't get me started on everyone's speeches. Ok here I go talking about the speech... I couldn't deal with it yet again. They had celebrities wishing them luck on their break and thanking them for what they've done. And David Beckham gave them a message which increased my fangirl levels by 100%. AND THEN SIMON GAVE THEM A THANK YOU SPEECH AND THEY WERE LISTENING TO HIM AND LOOKED SO EMOTIONAL HOW ARE MY FEELINGS SUPPOSED TO HANDLE THIS?

Okkaaaaaaayyy, so before I literally flood my room with tears I better wrap this post up. The song of the day is History buy One Di-freaking-rection because it's the song for their fans. December seems to be a wonderful time of year so what has made you feel all the feels this month? Let me know in the comments :)

Izzy K xxx