Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My New Year's Resolutions

I can never quite get over how quickly a year goes by, and is it just me or do they seem to be getting faster and faster each time? It astonishes me that it's almost time to wave goodbye to 2015 and greet the new year. 

In my video I said that I didn't make any resolutions at the start of this year (shows that I made a conscious effort to do them right!) but as I'm typing this I realize that's not entirely true. In January I made a post called New Years Resolutions and then a few days later I posted another one few days later called More New Years Resolutions because I wanted to have even more. So basically I was entirely wrong by saying that I had none. Let's take a look at them and whether or not I achieved them: 

  • Start a legging collection- I have actually managed to triple the number of leggings in my collection this year, something which I'm extremely proud of! I'm obsessed with this clothing item and wear it all the time. I have such a wide range in my collection now, including patterend ones, knitted ones, some with zips down the side, colourful ones, and my personal favourite; galaxy ones. 
  • Not get kicked out of sixth form- I'm gonna say this was successful because I didn't get kicked out. I'm not a rebellious person at all so I wouldn't get kicked out for bad behavior or anything, my 6th form just doesn't let you continue there if you don't get good enough grades the first year. Somehow I actually managed to pass all 5 of my AS subjects, although I did do a lot better in some than others. 
  • Revise harder- Hells yeah I did this. My life has become nothing but revision. Not that it's paying off in anyway; I still know nothing for any of my subjects. 
  • Make at least 12 videos this year- I have definitely achieved this. At first, I was planning on making 1 video a month, but I was enjoying it so much I increased it to 2 videos a month and then one video a week. 
  • Blog every month- To my surprise I actually managed this too! Throughout this year I've already posted 85 posts on Izzy K and 40 on Izzy K: Reviews and More. 
  • Tell someone about my youtube channel- Thinking about this is so weird, but at this time last year no one but a very small number of my friends knew about my channel. Not even my family knew. And now my family know and my mum is incredibly supportive. 
  • Take more pictures- Overall I would class this as unsuccessful because I'm still as camera shy as last year. I did create an instagram account and I'm hoping to post on it more this year. 
  • Enjoy the summer more- Even though I did do a few more things this summer, I wouldn't say I enjoyed the season itself. It was more the things I did during them if that makes sense. Summer is my least favourite season because I despise hot weather, but I think I did an ok job at making the most of it. 
  • Be more spontaneous- I would say that I kinda managed to do this one this year. Sometimes, I do still like to stick to my own personal schedule and don't like it being interrupted. But I've also managed to surprise myself a couple of times, especially in terms of youtube. 
So there were last year's resolutions, now here's what I want to acheive in 2016:

  1. Gain more confidence- My awkward shyness holds me back in basically everything. I find it extremely difficult to speak up in class, I have to ask everything 100 times because I never believe that what I'm doing is right, I do dance lessons but I'm awful at it because I can't do anything when anyone is looking at me, and my driving skills are a nightmare because I always feel like I'm doing things wrong. Basically, it would be a new life for me if I had the slightest bit of confidence so I'm looking at doing things out of my comfort zone so that I can build up my confidence.
  2. Do well on my A Levels- A levels are never not on my mind and every minitue I spend not working on them I feel guilty. Yet this amount of work isn't really paying off so I need to find a way to work more effectively. My target grades for the end of this year are AABB but I'm really hoping to get an A* in German if that's possible. So I'm gonna lock myself away in my room, as usual, and work work work!
  3. Be more active on social media- You might be like Izzy WTF but social media is extremely important to me. Firstly, it will really improve my confidence by really getting myself out there. Secondly, I really want a career in digital marketing/something social media-y so I really need the experience haha. 

My aims for this year are rather vague but still hard work to do. The song of the day is Love Yourself by Justin Bieber (but written by Ed Sheeran) because it's been one of my favourite songs this year. I'm hoping that 2016 is an absolutely wonderful year for everyone and that you have amazing New Years Celebrations. Are you making any resolutions this year, and if so what are they? Please let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

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