Friday, 25 September 2015

In Five Years Time Tag

Hello everyone!

I'm finally getting round to doing this tag that my wonderful blogging friend Lou tagged me in. Check out her amazing post here.

As you can tell from the title, this tag is called "In Five Years Time" where, essentially, you list a load of things that you hope will happen in the next 5 years. Also, as part of the rules you have to mention the creator, Lauren, and the person who tagged you. 

So here we go, my hopes and aspirations for the future are to:
  • Have moved out and be living on my own- As much as I love living at home, I'm so excited to move out, choose my own flat and decorate it how I wish. I have no idea how I'd decorate my own home but I'm really looking forward to being surrounded by the things I chose. 
  • Have reached 1000 subscribers- This is a pretty ambitious one because I know that having one thousand people watch my videos is a crazy thought. I can't believe that I have the amount of subscribers that I currently do, but having 1000 people watch the thing I'm the most proud of really would be a dream come true. 
  • Have reached 1000 blog followers- This is also really ambitious, but if I'm saying I'd like to reach that many subscribers, why not blog followers? My blog is another thing that I'm extremely proud of, so I'd be extremely flattered if in the next 5 years I had that many readers. 
  • Have a career- I have noooooo idea what I want to do with my life but I do know that I want it to be media and youtube/blogging based. And maybe a bit of psychology if that's possible (don't know how I'd link it but still).  I've finally found my passion in life and  I'll do anything I can to do it as a full time job, even if it means doing the behind the scenes work for someone else. I'd love to have any sort of experience in this field. 
  • Go to YouTube conventions- I really feel like I've found "my people" within the YouTube community so I'm sure I'd feel completely at home surrounded by people who are like me. I'm desperately gonna try to get tickets to Summer In The City this year and one day I'd love to go to VidCon. 
  • Meet my blogging and YouTube friends- I've made such lovely friends through blogging and youtube and I'm desperate to meet them in real life. I'd just love to see them in person and be able to thank them for all the support they've given me. 
  • Get more cats- Simple, yet essential! I kinda have an obsession with these fluffy little creatures, and one of my goals for the next few years is to be surrounded by them. 

Thank you so much for reading about my aspirations for the next 5 years. I know some of them are quite out there, but I think its still worth it to dream big. The song of the day is Wings by Birdy, because she's my obsession at the moment and she is so ridiculously talented. Let me know in the comments what you're hoping to achieve in the next 5 years xxx