Friday, 4 March 2016

How I Wish I Told People About My YouTube Channel

In today's post I'll be talking about telling people about your youtube channel, how I did it, and how I wish I did it.

For those of you that didn't already know, I've been making videos and posting them on YouTube since November 2013. When I first started I was SO nervous about any people watching, yet alone the people I knew so I kept it a complete and utter secret. The only person that knew was Georgie, because I knew that she was a huge youtube fangirl too so she wouldn't think that if I did it, it would be stupid.

It was completely secret for a few months until a couple of close friends stumbled across it. Luckily it was them that found it because they were so supportive and really encouraged me to keep it up. 

At this point my family had nooooo idea that I made videos, since I always filmed videos when they were all out. My sister found out about my channel because I always went on about how I wanted to start a channel and she was like "Izzy I know you already have a channel, there's no way you don't at this point". So I came clean and told her that I did indeed already make my own videos, but I refused to tell her my channel name for ages. Then I found it really awkward telling my parents for ages, because they really didn't understand the point of making youtube videos. I finally told my mum and you can see her reaction in this video. I wish I just told them when I started making videos instead of being so nervous, because once they watched a couple of my videos they were so supportive and kinda got the whole youtube thing. My mum has basically turned into my biggest fangirl/manager now! 

But as more time went by, it just became harder and harder to tell people. My initial plan was to just do it by myself, and if people found out themselves I'd explain it to them. However, it just got to the point where it became awkward to tell people because I'd been doing it for so long and it was hard to slip it into conversation. For example, when I started 6th form I made a few new friends and it was just really hard to tell people after a while "oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my biggest hobby is making youtube videos, and I've been doing if for longer than I've known you". So I just spent one weekend messaging my friendship group and just telling them "look I do this thing on youtube, and it's ok if you don't really get why I do it, I just thought I'd tell you because it feels weird you not knowing". I honestly wish I'd done it earlier because they were so supportive and some still watch my videos to this day which is beyond sweet of them. 

So here is my little summary of how I recommend you telling people because it's what I wish I did:

  • Tell people straight away- Don't worry if your videos are cringy or embarrassing to start off with, if you tell your friends and family when you start they can come on the youtube journey with you. And who knows, you may even gain a few subscribers like that!
  • Share on your social media- Everyone I spoke to about how they told people from their school/work about their channel said they literally just started sharing their videos on their social media and let people watch it for themselves. This is an easy, non-direct way to let people know about your channel.
  • Don't care about the haters- As long as you enjoy making videos, you are doing youtube right. If someone you know leaves you negative feedback, don't take it personally. Just because someone doesn't understand why making videos makes you happy, it doesn't mean that you have to stop. All the biggest youtubers get hate, and unfortunately it's just part of the job, so don't let it stop you from doing what you really want to do. 

So here is how I wish I told people about my youtube channel, because it's just becoming increasingly harder to slip my channel into conversation now. The song of the day is Best Day Of My Life by American Authors because it's just the ultimate feel-good song. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about starting a channel/telling people about your channel. I'd be happy to help!

Izzy K xxx

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