Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Last Dance Show

Yesterday was pretty emotional because I had my last ever dance show with my dance school. I've been attending that school since I was three and I'll be leaving after Easter to focus on my exams which I'm actually gutted about!
Guys hand on my heart I'm doing a weird pose and expression on purpose, 
but here is one of the few pictures I have in the actual costumes lol. 

The dance shows happen every 2 years so needless to say I've done one or two in my life. This year I did the most dances I've ever done, and when we weren't on stage we were getting changed in a rush backstage. We were all pretty shattered by the end of the two shows that day. 

And we did have quite a bit of banter backstage in between shows. We took pictures in costumes (most of which were pretty shocking!) and messed around on the actual stage itself. I always have a lot of fun doing the shows, and all the girls from my dance school are truly so lovely and great friends. 

And this is the amazing face I pulled in the group picture which was soon cropped down and made to the profile picture in my dance's group chat... thanks guys!

I'd definitely say that my favourite dance out of the whole show was the one we did to Black Or White. I got to do a big cheesy end movement where I do a heart sign with my hands to the audience and then dramatically wave as I go off. I did almost trip over my own feet whilst doing the waving in the first show, so I wussed out doing it in the second one. 

If you didn't already know, I suffer from extreme stage fright and it's actually my biggest fear. You might be like "Izzy why do you do shows then?" and the answer is because I feel like I kinda have to and it's good to try and do things out of your comfort zone. Normally I shake sooooooo much before shows and go into a state of complete panic. But I don't know what happened this year, for some reason I wasn't as nervous as usual. Like don't get me wrong, I was still nervous, but just the normal pre-performance nerves, not the crippling "I can't do this" nerves. I think I actually might be on my way to getting over stage fright!

So this was my last dance show experience, I can't believe how quick it's gone by. The song of the day is Black Or White by Michael Jackson because, as I said before, it was my favourite dance to perform. Do you do any types of shows, and if so what have your experiences been like? 

Izzy K xxx