Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Kick Up The Ol' Backside

A couple of weeks ago my 6th form had it's mock week and now I've had the dreaded day. That's right, results day. 

To be honest I was well and truly done with A Levels by the time I sat the mock exams. And by the time mocks rolled round I had a really bad cold and literally couldn't concentrate an anything. Also, despite doing literally nothing but revise up to the exams, I still managed to get a mind blank in literally every exam I did.

You know how you can usually tell how you did in an exam and try to guess what grade you got? Well in my mind here's what grades I felt I got:
  • Psychology- C. I thought I did pretty average across the two psychology mocks. You know, not fantastically, but enough to pass.
  • Chemisty- U. I straight up thought I had no marks on this paper. Mainly because I don't know a thing regarding chemistry but also because I was feeling my worst on the day of that paper.
  • Religious Studies- D. RE was one of my better subjects and even though I completely forgot what to write and made most of it up, I still thought I'd do enough to scrape a few marks here and there.

No here's what I actually got:

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As you can tell it's fairly similar to what I expected, but I'm still not chuffed. In psychology I got an A* in one paper which was surprising, but then I got an E in the second so it got lowered down by quite a bit. In chemistry I managed to scrape 37 marks somehow, but obviously I still need to put a lot of work into that subject. And for RE I simply didn't write enough or answer the questions properly; a recipe for disaster!

Throughout school I've always been a "nerd" and always got fairly good grades so these ones were quite a shock. But the silver lining is that after receiving what is quite possibly the worst results I could have got, I feel extremely motivated to do better. There's still time for me to turn these grades around (hopefully) and I'm resitting exams which should bring my overall grades up anyway. 

So... these are my current A Level grades. It's just up to me to spend every minute I can on them and apart from youtube and blogging, I will be doing literally nothing else but revising. I just know I'm capable of doing better and I want my grades to actually reflect the work I'm doing for once. The song of the day is I Took A Pill In Ibiza by Mike Posner (but the original not the remix) because I'm actually so obsessed with it at the moment. Thanks for reading,

Izzy K xxx