Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Izzynterview With: Maynuka Sarwar, xitsLillianx and 3lla

Hey guys I'm back with my interview series with the name "Izzynterview" (if you'll pardon the pun!) with some of my lovely youtube friends.

Here's my video for the collab, I hope you enjoy :)

The first person I'm collabing with is Maynuka Sarwar. I found her channel a while ago and became absolutely obsessed with her channel straight away. The videos she posts are about makeup and she also does covers of songs. And let me just tell you, her voice is ammmmaaaaazing! I seriously hope she makes it far in singing. 

The second person I'm collabing with is xitsLillianx. I've wanted her to feature on my channel for the longest time ever, because she's literally the biggest sweetheart you can imagine. Her channel consists of makeup tutorials and tags and honestly, there is something for everyone on her channel. She totally deserves more recognition. 

The last, but certainly not least, person I'm collabing with is 3lla. She is genuinely such a true friend of mine and I just find her personality so warm and friendly. She does makeup tutorials as well as challenge videos. She also has a vlog channel and I could seriously watch her vlogs all day long. All her videos just really capture viewers because what she says is so interesting and it feels like you're just having a conversation with a friend when you watch her videos. She's super close to 1k subscribers and I can't wait to see her reach it, she really deserves it. 

So here was my March Izzynterview, I really hope you enjoyed the video and you check out their channels if you haven't already. They seriously deserve so much support and recognition for their hard work on their channels. The song of the day is Ring The Alarm by Beyonce because when isn't that a tune? Thanks for reading/ watching,

Izzy K xxx