Sunday, 27 March 2016

An Easter Tradition

In my house, Easter is a biiiiiiiiggg thing. Every year I look forward to my family's Easter breakfast because it's pretty legendary. 

The Easter Bunny knows me well by getting Cadbury and marzipan eggs!

Now although Easter is pretty big here in the UK, my mum still goes the extra mile for Easter. That's because she's German and there they celebrate it big time, but was raised in Romania where apparently it's celebrated even more!

So every year my mum gets filled with excitement for Easter, decorates the whole house including a mini Easter tree, and does lot's of baking. 

The eggs that my mum coloured ft a few Easter nests 
The Easter nests my sister made. I can confirm they taste delish!

Then on Easter Sunday (although we had to celebrate it on Friday because my mum worked this weekend) we have a yummy continental/mix breakfast. This breakfast always includes toast, hot cross buns, boiled eggs that have been specially coloured or decorated, orange juice, lot's of cheese and of course, lot's and lot's of chocolate Easter eggs.

Let's just say this is one of my favourite family traditions because it involves a lot of food. I'm still full now from stuffing my face at that breakfast, but I still have no regrets. The song of the day is Risk It All by The Vamps, because I recently saw them live and all their songs are still stuck in my head. I hope you're all having a wonderful Easter, do you have any Easter traditions?

Izzy K xxx