Sunday, 9 October 2016

Weekly Summary: Second Week Of October

Hey guys as you may already know, every week I write a post about all the videos I've posted on my channel throughout the week. And today is no exception...

The Power Of Makeup Tag

The first thing I posted this week was the Power Of Makeup Tag. Basically, I wanted to make this video because I'm sick and tired of people trying to tell me how much makeup to wear, or that I apply makeup wrong. I literally ONLY wear makeup for enjoyment and because I like the artistic side of it. So I wanted to make this video to share the message that it's fine to embrace however much makeup you want to wear. 

Ride Or Die Tag

The second video I posted was the ride or die makeup tag. This is basically where I talk all things makeup!

So thank you very much for watching. The song of the day is Don't by Ed Sheeran. I hope you all have a lovely week :)

Izzy K xxx

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