Friday, 7 October 2016

Talking About Mental Health (Again!)

I don't know if you remember but around a year ago I started a mental health series on my blog and channel, and it was inspired by Jack Harries's video "Let's Talk About Mental Health".

Originally, I intended to speak about the topic of mental health very regularly across both platforms. And then, basically after a few months, I took a little break from talking about it because I just found it so difficult to talk about. Don't get me wrong, I've still continued to feel passionate about it and really did want to continue, but I just didn't know how.

The reason I started to find it hard to talk about was because it is such a sensitive issue, and I'm very aware of that. I wouldn't want to talk about anything in the wrong way, or spread any misinformation about things so I was really taking time to research different mental health issues too. On top of that I was really lacking the motivation, especially to sit down and record my feelings because it's an issue that's becoming increasingly more and more personal to me. 

But now I'm feeling like I'm in a place where I can invest more and more time into researching mental health so I'm feeling like I'll be able to talk about if more often. The message of mental health awareness is something that needs to be spread, and I didn't want it to get to a point where the message was lost. I'm seeing mental health affect more and more people in my personal life, and it's something I truly hate seeing people struggle with.

If you're new around here and you'd like to see what I've previously talked about regarding mental health, here's the topics I've covered on my blog and channel:

That's all I have to say for today really, and in summary I wanted to say that I'll definitely be talking about mental health more and more across my social media platforms. The song of the day is Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis because it's such a classic! If you have any specific topics that you'd like me to talk about, please please please don't hesitate to ask and let me know in the comments below,

Izzy K xxx