Thursday, 2 March 2017

Annoying Things I've Heard Since Working In Retail

As you guys might know, I've been working in a department store since the start of my gap year. I absolutely adore my job to be honest, I click with the people I work with so much. And most of the customers are extremely sweet and I love doing little personal shops for people.

However, there's the odd few customers who I swear come in just to wind people up! And today just seemed to be the day of complaining customers, so I thought I would share some of the most annoying quotes customers have actually said to me:

  • "I'm looking for a top that was in here last week and it was really nice, do you you still have it" The lady then proceeded to give me no further description of the top, no matter how much I asked, despite the fact it was "nice"
  • "Can I pay 30p in cash, and the rest of it on my card
  • "It's spelt 'G' as in 'Ting'" (Literally WTF?!)
  • "Can I make a complaint to a manager, I brought this top last week and I thought you wear the lacey side at the front, but you actually wear it at the back
  • "Well that's just not good enough" -what everyone says once you explain that an item was the last of the stock in the shop, it's not available in any local shops anymore, and it's sold out both in the warehouse and online. Like it's not as if I can say "oh hang on, let me grab my sewing kit, I'll make you one ;)"
  • Me: "Is there anything I can help you with"
          Customer "yeah there is, I don't like ANY of the clothes in here"

          Me:  ???

With that said I do still genuinely enjoy my job, and it's done my confidence the world of good. I'm honestly so glad that I got a job in this particular shop because the banter is just quality. I hope you've been able to enjoy my little rant. The song of the day is Touch by Little Mix,

Izzy K xxx