Sunday, 10 January 2016

The "I'm Trying And Here's Why" Tag

I feel like this  is a stressful time for everyone, and we're all just expected to get on with it even though it can be difficult. So I created this tag just in case anyone else out there feels like me, where they're trying hard but no one seems to notice and still expects more from you. This tag is to spread positivity and help people admit to themselves that they do actually work hard. 

I feel like this gif summarizes my life perfectly at the moment

I think we all have those times where we try to not make a big deal out of things on the outside, but on the inside we're like OMG DOES NO ONE REALIZE HOW HARD I'M ACTUALLY TRYING RIGHT NOW?! Well... at least I do.

If you watched my new years resolution video, you'll know that one of my goals this year is to build up my confidence. To do that I really feel like I have to stand up for myself a bit more, because I feel like I'm not really explaining myself enough to people. I'm certain that most people in my life think I don't put any effort into anything, and to be honest from the outside it probably does seem like that. However, believe me when I say, that I'm trying my hardest at everything. But when you try hard at lots of things, you don't actually go far with any of them because you just get exhausted. I'm sick and tired of feeling like all I do is work, but it not paying off in any way, shape or form. So here is my little explanation that I actually do try and care about the things that go on in my life.

The Rules Of The Tag:

The aim of the tag is to give yourself credit where credit is due, especially if you feel your hard work is being taken for granted.The rules of the tag are quite simple. Basically all you need to do is write down a list of things that you try really hard at, and explain why they take a lot of effort to accomplish. Don't worry about sounding cocky or like you're exaggerating, just say how you feel and let it out. Explain your efforts to the world because it's about time that we praise ourselves for our hard work.

Here are my personal reasons why I try hard on a daily basis:
  • I'm studying for my A levels- Going to 6th form is the worst decision I ever made because it takes up every minute of my life. Even if I'm not doing 6th form work, I'm stressing about the fact I'm not doing work. I literally get hours of homework every day and on top of that I try to go over my notes and revise all my subjects throughout the week. So I'd say that I put more than enough effort into my 3 core A Levels which are Chemistry, Psychology and RE. 
  • I do an additional A level- On top of my 3 A Levels I'm doing German on the side. I have a couple meetings with my teacher every now and then, and once a week I spend an hour talking to a German assistant, but other than that I'm pretty much doing this A Level in my "spare time" since I don't do the actual lessons. And it's still somehow my best subject. 
  • Retaking exams- On top of the A2 exams that I'll be working on this year, I'm also resitting 2 Chemistry exams and 1 RE exam from last year. The amount of work I'll have to do for all my subjects is riduculous but I'm determined to do well this year. 
  • Youtubing- The thing I enjoy most in life is running my youtube channel and interacting with other youtubers. The videos themselves take at least 10 hours a week to make, from planning the video, getting ready to film, to actually filming, editing, uploading, making the thumbnail etc. And then on top of that I try to reply to every comment on a video, as well as support other creators on their videos and on my shoutout twitter. It's very time consuming but it's totally worth it because my channel is the only think keeping me sane at the moment haha. 
  • Blogging- Even though I make videos, I really don't want to let my blogging slip. I've made it a new years resolution of mine to put more effort into my blog and I'm gonna try to post once or twice a week on this blog and once a week on Izzy K: Reviews and More. Again, writing blog posts takes me ages but but it's something that I enjoy and don't want to give up. And I also try to read as many other blogs as I can during the week, especially from my lovelies over at Beau Bloggers. 
  • Dance- Now this is really something that I don't have time for anymore, but I have to continue until March because we're working towards things in my class and it would be unfair to let everyone down by quitting. I probably spend too much time there because my dance school is the other side of town so it takes me 1/2 hour to get there, and then I'm there from 9.30 to 12 on a Saturday morning and then from 6-7.30ish on a Monday afternoon. And on every other Monday, I finish 6th form late and have to go straight to Dance, meaning I have no time at all to do homework on that day. That's not really time that I can afford to have off from studying but as I said, it's an awkward point at the moment so I can't quit. 
  • Karate- I've been doing Karate since I was 7 and it is really something that I enjoy. Again I don't have time for it because it takes up my entire Sunday mornings, but I try to make it as often as I can regardless. 
  • Driving Lessons- Although this is only 1 hour a week at the moment, I'm gonna try and get more lessons off my parents just so I can improve faster. And then I'll have to spend time learning for my theory test, but I really don't know when I'll next have a spare minute to do that. 
  • See family and friends and try to have something that resembles a social life- Most of my family doesn't realise that doing 4 A Levels = having no social life. I'm still expected to see family as regularly as possible, and when they ask me what I've been doing and I reply "homework" they tell me to get out more. I seriously think some people think I do 6th form work for fun and haven't quite grasped the fact that there is so much bloody work to do for it. 
  • Try to sort out what I'm doing after 6th form- As well as doing all this and focusing on 6th form, I'm also expected to look into unis/what I'm doing after A Levels. I haven't had a clear head for a while which makes making decisions about what to do for the rest of my life rather difficult. As of now I have no idea what to do when I finish my exams, which means I'll have to spend time working that out. Time that I simply don't have. 

I'm not saying I'm working harder than anyone else, I'm just saying that the amount I do is personally overwhelming for me. I just wanted to use this post as an explanation for why I'm trying to cut down on the amount of things I commit to, because I really can't take on board any more. I understand that everyone is busy in their own lives, and this is just what I get up to in my own. 

I tag all the Beau Bloggers to do this so if you're in that wonderful blogging community consider yourself officially tagged by me. I'm gonna specifically tag a few people just to get the ball rolling with this tag, so they can write their own if they like, but please remember that you're all welcome to write your own. 

Some of the lovely bloggers I tag are:

I'd love to read your own personal versions of this tag, but even if you are tagged please remember there is no pressure from me to write it if you are busy. It's just a bit of fun to get the things that are stressing you out off your chest. 

The song of the day is Stitches by Shawn Mendes because I've been listening to it far too much over the past week. Do you ever feel like people don't understand that you are indeed working hard, even if it doesn't look like it, or is that just me lol?

Izzy K xxx