Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Reacting To My Old Facebook Pictures

Ever since I first saw these types of videos I was like yassss I totally have to try that myself. It just sounded like so much fun to do. 

I got Facebook in 2011, which let's face it, was an embarrassing year for most people. I don't really go on Facebook anymore, because every time I log on I get reminded of my awkward 12 year old stage. I mean who wants to be reminded of that? 

Little background information about what I was like in 2011. I was basically the most embarrassing/cringiest person you could ever imagine. Like seriously that's no exaggeration. I know that when you're 12 everyone is really awkward, but I'm pretty sure I even managed to stand out amongst my peers. 

So in summary I think I win at having the worst Facebook profile pictures in existence. Honestly, the worst. And not to mention some of them are pretty random. I'm kinda regretting my life decision, of choosing to use these photos to present myself in front of my friends, family and fellow peers on the world of Facebook.

I hope you enjoy laughing at my misery whilst I react to my old photos. The song of the day is Touch And Go by Ed Sheeran. Thanks for watching/reading :)

Izzy K xxx