Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My Winter Favourites

Who can believe that it's actually time for another favourites video? At this moment in time, I only make seasonal favourites instead of just monthly favourites, meaning that this is already my 3rd ever favourites video. That seems crazy to me because I feel like I've only just started making these types videos but it's actually been 6 months!

Anyway, here is the actual video itself:

In the video I talk about my favourite skin care, hair, and beauty favourites. And I don't think it's even a spoiler if I say that I talk about a shade by my favourite lipstick brand, Rimmel Kate Moss, but I won't tell you which shade I've been loving this season so I don't give away too much about the video.

But 75% of this video is actually me talking about the music I've been loving. ALL my favourite artists have released music since I filmed my last favourites video, meaning I could not stop myself from blabbering on about what I've been listening to. 

And one certain artist took me by surprise this season so I couldn't resist talking about him in this video. Let's just say I can't... Belieb.... that I've included him in a video! *laughs like crazy at my own joke*

I just want to add that I'm sorry the video looks like it was filmed with a potato. The lighting is just terrible but that's because I had no natural lighting and I filmed this at 7.30am when it was still dark outside. You can tell I'm #dedicated to youtube when I get up at that time in my holidays to film videos before my family is up!

So that was my very first video of 2016 I hope you enjoy watching. I promise that throughout the year my video quality will improve and be less potato-ish. In fact I'm saving up for youtube equipment. The song of the day is Lay It All On Me by Ed Sheeran because it's been one of my faves this season. Let me know what you've been loving this season,

Izzy K xxx