Saturday, 31 January 2015

How I Told My Mum About My YouTube Channel

A few days ago I decided to tell my mum about my YouTube channel. I've had it for over a year so it was about time wasn't it?

You can watch my mums very enthusiastic reaction here!

Not a lot of people in my personal life know about my channel. Telling my mum was quite a big deal for me because its the first time I've properly told anyone. The only people that do know found out themselves, so I've never had to physically tell anyone.

The main reason I told her was because I want  to start filming more this year. To be able to do that I cant always wait until I have the house to myself. I think it would freak my parents out if I sat in my room alone and used phrases like "hey guys" and "see you guys soon", if they had no idea what I was doing. 

I told my mum that starting a channel was a "hypothetical" scenario. I said it like that ironically because we both knew that I was being dead serious. I've wanted to start a channel since like year 8 and my mum knows I love YouTube. She also knows I love filming little videos so to be honest she probably put the two together and knew I had a channel ages ago.

My mum is the "you can be as crazy as you want but don't blame me if something goes wrong" sort of parent (within reason). Living with me, she's witnessed me do one or two crazy things over the years so I don't think me having a YouTube channel is the biggest shock ever to her. I think she knows making videos would make me happy. I think she just wishes I chose a different hobby or something "useful and productive"  to obsess over haha!   Izzy- Making my parents proud since 1998

If you are thinking of making a channel, I would highly recommend that you tell your family as soon as possible. Explain to them why you are doing it and that you will be safe online and not give away any personal information. I wish I did that because it would have avoided a lot of awkwardness. The amount of times I had to pack up my stuff in the middle of filming because I heard my parents pull in the drive and I didn't want them to catch me- oh my!

Thank you so much for reading and if you watched the video thank you for that too. The song of the day is Happily by One Direction. If you have a YouTube channel how did you tell your friends and family? Let me know in the comments xxx

P.S. No one in my family knows about my blog yet because I don't know how they'd react if I told them hehe!

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