Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My First 2 Years On YouTube

As you have probably guessed from the title, I started my YouTube channel on the 11th November 2013 which makes today MY SECOND YOUTUBE BIRTHDAY! Believe me it feels so strange typing those words. 

I know this post is really long so if you want to check the video out instead please do.
 (It includes a cheeky little video montage too!)

I don't think I'll ever be able to put into words how much YouTube means to me or sum up the amazing experience I've had so far, but I'll try (after all that's what this post's all about). Starting a channel had been a dream of mine since I was about 12 years old, but since I'm literally about as shy as you can get I never thought I'd have to confidence to start it. I always overthink everything and I was so worried that if I did start, everyone I knew would find out and say it was a stupid thing to do. But as the days, months and years rolled by I realised that the scariest thing wouldn't be everyone making fun of my channel, it would be the regret I'd have if I never tried it in the first place. So that's when I decided to ignore what everyone else would think, and just do it to have fun and I've never looked back since. 

Initially I was so incredibly nervous about doing YouTube and I would get so camera shy every time I filmed a video. But nowadays it's something I feel so comfortable doing, in fact there's nothing in the world I feel more comfortable doing. I really feel like I've found my hobby in life where I can just relax and truly be myself and not feel judged for it. I feel like within the YouTube community I'm so accepted and I'm surrounded by people who are just like me which is so reassuring on so many levels. There's seriously not a moment in the day where I'm not thinking about YouTube; it's safe to say I'm obsessed. 

I'm fully aware of the fact that within just 1 year some people get thousands and thousands of subscribers, but I have to say I'm chuffed to pieces with my 700 subbies! I would genuinely consider myself close to the majority of my subscribers because I've been involved in such a lovely community of YouTubers and my experience honestly wouldn't have been the same without them. Even if you're subscribed to my channel but we've never spoke, I'd still consider us friends and I want you guys to know that I'm always here for you. I thought I'd be the most hated person on YouTube and all my videos would only get dislikes and no one would subscribe. But to my surprise so many people have been so lovely and I can't even put into proper words how grateful I am :)

To thank everyone for their support I've made 3 promises about my channel for the next year:
  1. I will continue to support you guys- I love finding new YouTubers to watch and I subscribe to so many people especially if I see potential in their channel, love their content and genuinely think they're doing it for the right reason (i.e. not to get rich or famous, simply for the enjoyment). I just know how that one click of a "subscribe" button can make someones day, especially if you can tell they put a lot of effort in but don't get that much recognition. Even if you don't make videos I want to support you by making you happy and giving you any advice that you may need. 
  2. This time next year my videos will be 100% better- My personal channel goal is to make each video better than the last one because I feel like I'm really learning along the way. By this time next year I'll have new lighting, hopefully a new camera and I already have new editing software so I'm hoping my channel will look a lot more professional. 
  3. *cringe alert* I will make you guys proud to be subscribed to my channel- I really want to make it feel worthwhile for you to be subscribed to my channel and I want to make my videos as good as they possibly can be. I promise that I'll continue to surprise you, and believe me I have a LOT of plans for my channel over the next year, and I hope you like them. 

My top 5 favourite videos of the last 2 years:

Expert "Coconut" Carving With Gizzy

I filmed this video with the absolutely lovely Georgie. I have to say that this was the most entertaining video to film to date because the banter we had was unreal! I had to edit like 1 hours worth of footage out which was a shame because I really loved every minute of it. 

The Mum Tag

Again, this video was pretty banterful as my mum is quite the character (hi if you're reading!) Even she enjoyed being in the video after reluctantly taking part and I hope we can film more videos together in the future because I think it went down well. 

Dressing Up And Decorating The Christmas Tree

This video was filmed before ANYONE in my family even knew about my channel, meaning that absolutely none of this was staged which I think adds to the humour. We always dress up for Christmas tree decorating, but I think last year was the best one yet. 

London Vlog

I think it goes without saying that London is my favourite city in the world. I had an amazing day taking my German friend Alina round the city and seeing all the sights. And of course the highlight of the day was Lush Oxford street. I'm glad I have this vlog to remember the day. 

20 things in my room

I can't remember if this was the first video I actually ever posted on my channel, but it's my oldest one that's there now and I remember that it was the first one I ever filmed with the intention of posting. That's why due to the sentimental value of this video, it had to be in my top 5!

It honestly feels so bizarre writing this whole post because I never thought I'd make a video yet alone carry on making them for two years. I'm really looking forward to looking back on this post in a years time and seeing where I am then. The song of the day is The Show by Lenka because I felt like it was absolutely the perfect song to use in the the montage. Thank you sooooooo much for all the incredible support, I'll never be able to thank you guys enough and I honestly don't know how I could possible deserve all this! I seriously can't wait to see what awaits me in my 3rd year on youtube, 

Izzy K xxx

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