Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Expert "Coconut" Carving With Gizzy

Ever since I've started youtube I've always wanted to do a pumpkin carving video because they're my favourite Halloween videos to watch. This year, I've finally got round to doing it with my amazing friend Georgie (thanks for agreeing to be in the video bab)

I hope you enjoy watching this spooky video! 

Now you might be wondering why the video is called coconut carving instead of pumpkin carving. Well that's quite simply because Georgie kept referring to them as coconuts by accident (an easy mistake to make) and the name just kinda stuck. 

After doing this video, I found out that my allergies to some raw fruits and vegetables have expanded to pumpkins too. So 24 hours after carving the pumpkins I still have a little reminder of the incident in the form of a rash across both my hands #massivefail!

But I honestly have to say this has been my favourite video I've EVER filmed. We truly had so much banter filming and it was a nice seasonal video to make at the moment. 

I hope you have as much fun watching the video as we did filming. The song of the day has got to be This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas because we kept singing it whilst doing our carvings. Have you done any pumpkin yet this year, if so let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching. 

Izzy K xxx

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