Friday, 21 August 2015

Germany 2015 Vlog: Part 3

Yes that's right, I'm back with yet another Germany vlog. I seriously hope you're not getting sick of them yet, because there's still more to come!

Here's the actual video:

I hope you enjoy

Let's talk through the video:

The vlog starts off with my awful makeup disaster. Like a huge makeup disaster. I promise my lipstick didn't look that bright off camera, but in the video it's a serious colour clash with my outfit. Anyway back to what we were actually doing...

The first place we went was to a fish restaurant with my family because its a place we all enjoy going to. Despite neither me or my sister liking fish, we always find a vegetarian option and it is in a beautiful setting in a little valley.

The next place we visited was the Brenz park. This isn't an average, dog-walking, boring park, oh no! A few years ago they refurbished it and made it look dead posh with bright flowers blooming everywhere you look. The park is also filled with exciting playgrounds for children and activities everywhere. There's a bit where to cross the river you have to go though a little netted bridge and its so cool!

On a hill there is a little castle looking down on the town we were staying at. It's so cool to go there because its really old and I always think it looks like a little village on the inside. They were even practicing live opera when we went. I tried to see if I could find where they were performing it because the voice was booming all through the castle, but I couldn't seem to find the source anywhere. 

Me and my sister are natural posers as you can tell

We spent the rest of the vlog eating (well there's a surprise) and walking around the town called Heidenheim and doing some shopping. It's such a sweet town and we love going to their local ice cream parlor to eat some spaghetti ice. I've mentioned before that it tastes better than it sounds.

This was also my dad's last day in holiday. He could only stay in Germany for a week and a half due to work. But I still think he had a lovely time abroad. 

Thank you for reading/watching. The song of the day is Black Magic by Little Mix because its been permanently stuck in my head this summer. I hope you had a lovely time on holiday xxx