Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Germany 2015 Vlog: Part 2

Hello! Since I'm uploading my Germany vlogs every two days its time for the second edition. So without further ado, here's the video:

I hope you enjoy 

Let's talk through the video

As you can probably tell, the vlog starts of with us sitting in a restaurant about to order food. I couldn't choose between two meals at the restaurant (both sounded delicious) so I asked my mum if she would order one of them "for the table", meaning for me of course. I thought I was getting away with being greedy until my mum ordered the meal and stated very loudly "AND CAN I ORDER A SECOND MEAL FOR MY DAUGHTER OVER THERE WHO IS TOO EMBARRASSED TO ASK FOR TWO MEALS". It was obviously very embarrassing but I guess its karma for being greedy.

We spent the next few days walking around very old, but very beautiful towns. We stood by an old church, which towered over the town. Amazingly, there is a stage set up on the stairs outside of it where concerts are performed. Move over Madison Square Garden, it looks like this is the coolest venue for a concert ever!

From the church you could see a massive roof which is where an important building was (to this day I still have no idea what the building was though. I'm rubbish at paying attention when people explain things to me). Me and my mum decided to go looking for this building, and it turns out that it was a lot further away than we thought. And when we finally got to the building and vlogged it..... it turned out to be the wrong building all along. #awkward

The next 3 days we visited Munich and stopped their with my Uncle. Munich is a lovely place, full of excitement and of course full of expensive shops. Very expensive shops. Everywhere I looked I saw brands like Gucci, Prada and Chanel. 

Whilst we were there there we walked past a church which had figures that come out and dance and play music. For some reason, my family thought the figures came out at 4 O'clock so we waited until then aaaaaannnd nothing happened. We clearly got the wrong time but I still managed to get some wonderful footage of absolutely nothing!

The figures that did nothing whilst we were there

I should mention that througout this vlog, Germany seemed to be experiencing some rather windy weather. Don't get me wrong, it was still tremendously hot, it just meant my hair was flying all over the place and it made a weird noise in my camera. 

The storm we were experiencing one evening

One day we decided to visit the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany. We chose the perfect day as the weather was lovely and there were not many clouds to cover the view. Since it's so high up, we also got to see some snow. My favourite! There was lots to do up there including sledging. As you can tell by the video, I'm rubbish at steering. How does steering even work? My mum also attempted to climb to the highest point, but was advised not to go further because she's not an experienced hiker. 

The hill we had to pull the sledges up afterwards

My mum completely pretending to go sledging for the picture so that 
she wouldn't have to pull the sledge up afterwards. What a poser!

The highest point in Germany

To finish off our time in Munich we went to the English Gardens. Essentially, this is a giant park where you can take beautiful walks. There was a tall Chinese tower which we ate lunch by. As I said in the vlog, the tower looked different to how I imagined it. I don't know why, but I was expecting it to look like a pillar instead of a tower for some reason. 

The Chinese tower... not pillar 

I hope you've been enjoying my vlogs so far. The song of the day is Drag Me Down by One Direction because it came out while I was on holiday. They released it with out warning which was very rude. How can they make me get that excited without any warning! Thanks for reading/ watching this post xxx