Monday, 17 August 2015

Germany 2015 Vlog: Part 1

As you guys probably know by now, this Summer holiday I went to Germany. I go every year to visit family and I continue to love it each time.

But this year was different; I actually vlogged. Yes that's right, someone as awkward as myself stood in public, holding a camera, talking to herself, without worring what others were thinking. It was so much fun and I captured quite a lot of footage so here is the video:

I hope you enjoy watching!

Let's talk through the video

As you can tell, at the start I was pretty nervous about vlogging because I had no idea how to do it, I thought I would look silly doing it, and thought that the footage I would get would look terrible. However, it actually turned out alright in the end :)

The next clip is from when we arrived at my Granddad's (Opa) house in Germany. One of his hobbies is art and painting. For as long as I can remember, every year that we arrived he would always have a few new paintings hanging in his living room. He is developing a new style at the moment and I always love seeing his new paintings.

Then, we headed off the the open air swimming pool, which we love, to cool down as the temperature was in the mid 30s. We had a bit of a debate in the car about whether the slide is yellow (which is what I said) or orange. Then when we got to the pool my family realised what colour it really was (spoiler alert: it was yellow).

The next day we decided to grab some ice cream. My mum was proudly showing off her white jeans which she could finally wear again after 10 years thanks to hear diet. I ate a spaghetti ice which is basically, vanilla ice cream put through a filter so it looks like spaghetti, strawberry sauce to act like the tomato sauce, and white chocolate sprinkles on top to act like grated cheese. My mum has been going to the same ice cream parlor for 30 years and now the man that works there expects us every year!

We decided to go to a theme park because we arrived in Germany before German schools had their Summer holidays. That means it would be absolutely empty. We managed to go on all the rides we wanted as often as we wanted. It was a boiling hot day and we were able to go on the water rides about 6 times in a row. 


There was a ride at Tripsdrill, the theme park, where you would either sit on a carriage or a horse go a round a little track. My mum, sister and me decided to go on this ride for the lols. However when we got there, we had to go on a carriage and not a horse like my mum really wanted so she threw a bit of a strop haha. But we went on it again and got the horses the next time. 

I thought I'd just mention a game that my family did on the rides. Every time we were on a small ride, or it was just a tame bit of a big ride, we'd scream really loud as if it was really scary. We got a few strange looks to say the least.

Thank you so much for reading/watching. I'll be uploading the rest of my vlogs in two day intervals. The song of the day is the cover of Drunk In Love by Ed Sheeran because it is a heavenly cover. Where did you go on holiday this Summer? xxx