Saturday, 18 July 2015

Which One Direction Member Is My Soulmate?

This post is a little random but I thought it would be fun to release my inner fan girl. As you can tell from the title, I found out which One Direction member is my soul mate... apparently. Well I'm still waiting to meet him.

I absolutely adore this band and I love each of the boys so much so I wanted to let an external factor decide who my soulmate is. In the video I found my soulmate by completing a quiz to determine it. Also, just to check the results, I took several other quizzes after filming this video and they all stated it was the same member. It must be true then!

I hope you guys enjoy and have managed to put up with my crazy fangirl side once again! The song of the day is Magic by One Direction themselves because its one of my favourite songs by them. Do you like One Direction and if so who is your favourite member? xxx