Sunday, 16 November 2014

Meeting Alfie Deyes

It literally feels so surreal writing this post, but exciting nevertheless. On the 14th of November 2014 I had the life experience of meeting Alfie Deyes, also known by his YouTube name PointlessBlog.

I cant quite say how long I've watched his videos for, because it just feels like him and other YouTubers have been part of my life forever. But I'm sure it has been a good few years. That's why it didn't feel real to think that the person I've seen on a screen for so long was right in front of me. Like actually looking at me! And talking to me!

The copy of the book I brought

 I went with my friend Georgie Watts because we both fangirl over him loads! We started off by heading into Birmingham on the train. It started chucking it down while we were at Sixth Form so we spent most of the day soaked. However this didn't dampen the mood (if you'll pardon the pun) and we were still smiling with excitement throughout the train journey.

The most attractive 
train selfies in the world

We found the line for his book signing and joined the other hundreds of other fangirls (and some boys) who all seemed to be as excited as we were.

What we did to entertain
 ourselves whilst lining up

 Then quite possibley one of the best things ever happened. We were lined up, quite near the front, when the camera went past for his vlog.  HIS VLOG! We're only in the video for a few seconds in the background but that didn't stop me bursting into tears watching it the next day. Obviously they were tears of joy. 

We are on the left of the girl with the blue top

It really started to hit me that we were going to meet him when I walked into WHSmiths, where he was. I was actually so nervous for meeting him at this point I could have fainted. Luckily I didn't and I was more happy than nervous about the whole thing.

Cant believe how close we were

I could hear his voice from around the corner and then I realised I was actually standing in the same room as him. Then I looked up over the crowd and mangaged to catch a glimse of his hair. As we moved closer I could see more of him, and we carried on moving closer untill my time had come. I was standing right infront of him.

There he is with his friendly smile

Alfie is 100% one of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met. I know I only saw him for about 1 minute, but you could tell he was greatfull and really cared. Georgie was in front of me in the line so got her book signed first. He apparently drew the heart funny when signing it and said "sorry I messed up the heart" to which she replied "don't worry, its fine you havent". Then when it was my turn I told him "Thank you so much" to which he ACTUALLY REPLIED "Thank you for coming". Its still strange to believe we've had a conversation.

We even took selfies with him!

And I'd also like to say how friendly everyone was there. The security guards outside were helpful, we got chatting with the girls next to us in the line, Alfie himself was so kind. We even went to Costa's afterwards and people were suggesting winter drinks to us. Small acts of kindness like that really make my day... and of course so does meeting YouTubers. 

Thank you for reading my little fangirl post. The song of the day is Magic by One Direction because meeting Alfie was pure magic xxx