Friday, 4 July 2014

Starting Youtube

One of the things I wanted to do this summer was start a YouTube channel and guess what... I have!
My channel name is Izzy K and here it is.

I've been watching YouTube videos for what seems like forever. Then I discovered that people made multiple videos and had accounts which people subscribed to. The first YouTuber I remember watching was Jenna Marbles when my friend sent me "how to get people to stop talking to you". Ever since then I always wondered how fun it must be to upload videos to make people laugh.

Never in a million years did I think I would actually do it myself. I'm by far one of the shyest people at my school and if people from my school found out about my little hobby I think they'd be surprised more than anything. Many people in my year have never heard me talk, yet alone in a video posted on the internet for everyone to see. Once someone asked me if I was doing a sponsored silence for charity and I awkwardly had to explain that nope I wasn't... it was just an ordinary school day for me!

The thing I'm dreading the most about it is not people making fun of me or disliking my videos, its the attention I might get with it if people find my videos. The thought of people bringing it up in conversation makes me feel a little bit ill and I prefer to just keep to myself. 

Not that many people know about my plans to make videos. So far 3 friends know. One of them found out when it came up in conversation that we would like to make videos which ended in us actually making one together. Another found out by finding a link to my channel. The third found out because my other friend told her. That was kinda nice of her though because it broke the ice and made it easier for me not to hide things from my friends. I just hope it becomes easier to tell more people so it doesn't look like I'm hiding it because I'm embarrassed.

I think the main types of videos that I will make will be vlogs and tags and maybe even a few reviews. The last video I made was "most likely too", with my friend, and I'm planning to do daily vlogs for my Summer holiday to Germany.

Here is the video!

I thought I should mention the reason I wanted to start YouTube. I don't want to beg for subscribers or have millions and millions of views, I literally just want to make videos that people enjoy and that will be fun to make. Throughout my teenage years I feel like it has been YouTubers that have kept me sane. Just hearing your own thoughts being spoken by someone else and put in a video is reassuring because it made me realise I'm not the only one to feel like that and everything is ok. (oh I'm getting soppy now better finish writing).

The song of the day is Chandelier by Sia because its a totally boatally amazing song.