Tuesday, 24 June 2014

5 Things To Do This Summer

"What time is it?" SUMMER TIME!!!

The summer holiday between secondary school and sixth form will be the longest one of my life. 12 weeks. Yeah baby! And I desperately don't want to waste it. I usually spend my holidays lying in bed watching Netflix and playing Sims (and I'll probably do a bit of that these holidays) but I wanna be slightly more productive than usual. That's why I've thought of a few things to keep me busy this summer such as:
  • Blogging more- I never thought I would, but I quite enjoy writing my thoughts and documenting my feelings. I'll admit that I'm not the strongest writer and passing my English GCSEs proved to be difficult, but blogging is different as it is more relaxed with less pressure as I'm free to write what I want.  It will be fun to grow my blog with more posts.
  • Exercise-Hahahaha...oh no! But it has to be done. These past few months I've literally been stuffing my face as a distraction from revising and lets just say I dont want to be slipping into any bad habits.
This will be what happens when I try to be healthy
  • Sort my room out- My room has turned out to be a bit of a disaster because revision notes were piling up everywhere and I still have all my school stuff filling up my cupboards that need to be taken out ready for the new year. I feel like until my room is tidy I wont be able to think straight.
Wish me luck sorting through my school work!
  • Read more- Now I'm not someone who likes reading...at all. But since everyone keeps saying how good it is I kinda feel like I'm missing out. My mission: to read the entire Harry Potter series over these holidays (I'm a really slow reader and it takes me about quarter of an hour to read 20 pages)
Cant wait to get stuck in
  • Social Media- I'd like to post more on websites such as Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. I recently got all these accounts and I'm still worried about posting for fear of "does this sound stupid" and "everybody's gonna hate me". I hate that this stops me from enjoying myself so I just have to grit my teeth and stop being so self conscious. 
The song of the day is Human by Christina Perri.

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