Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My 2nd Blog

Guess what?.....I MADE A SECOND BLOG!

When I started this blog at the start of the year I never imagined to actually carry on with it because I thought I'd grow bored of writing. Strangely enough I found it enjoyable, relaxing and rather addictive so I carried on. Then I decided to start a separate blog to just post reviews so I can keep this blog personal. My other blog is called "Izzy K Reviews" (original I know!) and it will be quite different to this blog. There is a link here!

On this blog I will simply share my thoughts on things such as beauty products and cosmetics. It will be my honest opinion on latest thing I've tried that I find interesting. I will mention what I've enjoyed and would recommend. 

I will continue to use this blog and keep it updated as what I post on my second blog will simply be reviews. Hopefully it will be interesting to read and I hope you enjoy!

The song of the day is what has been stuck in my head all day: Dark Horse by Katy Perry.