Friday, 20 June 2014


I've never really seen the big deal with prom or seen what the whole fuss and shabang is about. However, the less I cared about it and the more people questioned me about it the more I dreaded the whole thing. I know I'm probably gonna sound ungrateful but I'm not. Its just once the nerves start to kick in I can't even!

The lead up to prom (or akdjakjgkajdklajkd as I often refered to it) was by far the most stressful part. Most people were like "OMG I cant wait to get my hair and nails done and pick out my dream dress" but I wasn't really interested. People kept asking me what plans I had made for the big day and to be honest I had no idea because I never really thought about it. Being someone who likes to plan everything this really bothered me. This lead to me changing the topic every time someone brought it up or pushing it to the back of my mind.

Then, at 11pm the night before, I had a bit of a breakdown. Again... I had told my friends that I didn't want to go before because I couldn't deal with the pressure of having to organise everything but luckily they convinced me otherwise. So at 11pm I told my mum that I couldn't sleep and she said that it was probably just excitement but then I had no choice but to tell her how I'd been feeling for the past months. Thankfully she wasn't angry at me despite being so excited to see me all dressed up. She said that I didn't have to go and that she would tell everyone that I was sick so I wouldn't let anyone down by saying I just didn't want to go. After waking up the next morning and sleeping on this decision I decided that i would go for 3 reasons.
A: I didn't want to let my friends down because they were nervous too.
B: My family had spent probably more than they should have on it (woops) and I didn't want to let it go to waste.
C: I don't want to be someone who drops out last minute because their scared because then I wont learn how to deal with big events.

With all the melodramatic nonsense aside I can begin to talk about the actual night which to my surprise wasn't actually...that bad.

Getting ready was actually quite exciting once I excepted that I was actually gonna go. My dress was a surprise when it came because on the website it was a light minty green colour but when it came it was more a lime colour but it still looked gorgeous. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the dress I wanted which was good because I seriously had no clue what I wanted before. 

My dress from the front/side

My hair was done in curls and plaited to the side with a waterfall braid on the other side.
My hair from 3 angles (I know I look like I'm horrified I'm just not very photogenic)

My nails were probably the easiest part of getting ready because just brought a set of fake nails for £5 at Claires and stuck them on in about 10 seconds. Simple!
Chilling in the Limo. Apparently this is my excited face

The bit I was dreading the most by far was the red carpet. At my school, before we go inside, we have to go up a red carpet which feels like it is 200 miles long but in reality is probably only about 20 meters. The thing that was scaring me the most about the entire day was walking in because people from my entire town turn up to watch it. I hate being the center of attention and that's all prom is really isn't it?

After all the moaning I've done in this post I thought I should take the time to mention that after all the panicking I really did have a good time. Everyone looked beautiful and everyone was in such a happy mood and had been waiting a really long time for the exams to finish and celebrate. Long story short the night consisted of:
  • Riding in a Limo and the driver "suggesting" that we turned the music up so he didn't have to listen to us singing anymore
  • Taking pictures
  • Listening to everyone complain about their heels but being brave and baring the pain
  • Dancing lots and lots and lots
  • Getting a coach with my school for the last time to the hotel  and the driver getting lost
  • Eating pizza at said hotel
  • Giving up and taking shoes off (black feet for the evening but worth it)
  • Dancing and singing lots more
After all that I would say that it was not worth the nerves because it was a fun evening that needed no stress at all. If I could do it again I would, over and over again, but do it with enjoying the getting ready process a bit more. I enjoyed myself the whole night long and thank you for everyone that made it enjoyable!

The song of the day is a little bit different to usual but its Wiggle by Jason Derulo because it was played over and over at prom and its the catchiest song in existence.