Monday, 23 June 2014

Finishing Secondary School :(

Even though I was never popular or stood out during school, I still enjoyed (almost) every day of it and its so strange to think that I've finished 12 years of it. Out of all the stages of school, secondary school was the most enjoyable.

Strangely enough I wasn't scared about starting year 7, because I remembered that when I started Junior School I was terrified but there turned out to be nothing to be nervous about. The most exciting things that happened were 2 school trips to Warwick Castle and then to Germany for a week. I took the new experience in and talked to a large range of people from new schools and new classes. However, I soon got back to my usual shy self when everyone made their new friendship groups. Looking  back its strange to see how grown up I felt going into secondary school and thinking "now that I'm in Year 7 everyone will take me seriously!" Hahaha that didn't quite happen.
Me at Warwick Castle (so rebellious with my top button undone!)

Now that I've had my leavers day and prom its started to sink in that I have really finished. There will be lots of things I will miss like:

  • Seeing friends everyday (I know I'll see some at Sixth form but some are moving to a new school)
  • Being in large classes because next year it will be smaller so I cant blend away as much
  • Private jokes between people
  • School trips, even though I only went on about 3, because I'll doubt there'll be many next year
  • Having the whole security and knowing that there will always be people to help. Also the fact that I don't have to make any decisions about my future yet.
To sum up year 11 in 3 words I would say: stressful, fun and quick. I had 17 exams at the end of the year which meant sleepless nights and lots of worrying. Fun because despite exams there were lots of fun events as the leavers day and prom. And for obvious reasons quick because it seemed to go by in 5 minutes and it still hasnt sunk in that I am no longer at secondary school.

On the last day everyone dressed up and met in the park before walking to school together. Me and my friends decided to dress with a Disney theme and I went as Jessie from Toy Story. That day was the best out of the year because everyone was so happy and it was just really nice for everyone to celebrate the last 5 years together. 

The song of the day is going to be Salute by Little Mix and I know it has no real relevance but its just a really good song.