Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dance Nerves :/

By having the grace and elegance of a drunk elephant its clear to me and anyone who watches me that I can't dance. This has never really bothered before me as I like to do fun things even if I'm bad at them. 

I've been dancing, well trying to dance, since the age of 3 and never changed dance schools. I've always looked up to the older girls and there amazing dance moves and always thought that I couldn't wait till i was their age. Now it finally hit me... I am their age. However I'm like nooooowhere near as good as that. Woopsie. 

And last night my dance school had a show and usually I'm like meh doesn't matter if i mess up I've still got plenty of time to improve as I grow up. But I cant use that excuse now and be like "well I'm small so its still cute anyway" because it would look a bit ridiculous if I was to stand on stage and not having a clue what I'm doing.                                                                    
Imagine a non-cute version of this. That's me dancing!

These thoughts kept filling my mind and then I remembered that not only do I have dance in front of an audience, I also have to dance in front of my family. Who were there. On the front row. Cheering. As much as I appreciate the support, just having one of your family members in the audience adds a huge amount of pressure. 

The pressure really stopped me enjoying it especially getting ready before hand. I usaually feel nervous about performing but I've never actually felt scared before. This time I thought I was gonna be sick on stage, fall over because my legs had turned to jelly and cry with nerves.

But after just the first dance my nerves started to ease. By the end I did still make awkward eye-contact with my family but I just went along with it and enjoyed it. Afterwards I came off stage feeling so relieved and with a huge buzz. I just wish I could go back and do it all over again and make the most of it. Overall I feel much better for having done it even when I thought I really couldn't. Its things like that which are really fun and you just have to make the most of while you can and not worry about what you look like doing them as long as you enjoy yourself!

The song of the day is I like to move it as it was one of the numbers and I've had it stuck in my head ever since. Good luck listening to that song without thinking of Madagascar!