Sunday, 16 March 2014

Revising Fail

Just making the most of being on the internet as I know I soon won't be able to...

So exams are coming up, and these aren't just any old exams, oh no, these are my GCSEs. Now I know they're won't be the most important thing in my life ever and there is still much harder exams to come but OMG. I feel like if I don't do well my life is over and the 16 years I have spent on this planet have all been a waste.

Anyway back to the point I'm revising hard. Well I have to don't I. I spend a couple of hours a day revising, at least. My revision timetable is jam-packed of thing I still have left to learn.. But nothing seems to be sinking in!
This seems to be the story of my life right now

And its always fun to have to do hours of homework every evening and also be told by my teachers that they expect us to be revising more than we are. They don't consider that all I seem to be doing is revising. If you want me to revise stop setting so much homework. Its that simple. 

The subjects I take at GCSE are: Maths, English, Italian, German, ICT, history, business studies and triple science. Overall I really enjoy my subjects but the work load can be a bit demanding. Finished my studying for the day now I can finally relax (for the rest of the evening).

But soon my life will consist of just so much homework. Much revision. Such stress. (btw I think I'm getting gooder at grammar)
Literally me when I have lots of work to do

I hope to be writing more posts up until my exams but I have to make the most of it if I cant. Wish me luck (good luck Izzy!) and I just hope the results I get from my exams won't mess up the rest of my life too badly. 

The song of the day is more a cover of a song really. Its Little Mix's cover of Holy Grail/ Counting Stars/ Smells Like Teen Spirit. Say what you want about those four girls but there's no denying they have so much talent its unreal. And their voices together just make my life.