Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year New Blog?!

Happy 2017 everybody! I know it's already pretty late to be writing about the new year, but I hope you all celebrated nicely :)

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it; I didn't do very well in terms of blogging throughout December. Over here on this blog I was supposed to do blogmas. I only made it a couple of days in until I just couldn't keep up with the demanding schedule of posting daily. I also completely stopped posting on Izzy K: Reviews & Chats for pretty much the same reason. 

December was simply just such a busy month for me, much more than I anticipated. For starters, I was applying to university so I was spending every spare moment doing last minute research on courses, universities themselves and writing my personal statement. Then there's the fact I have work too, and even though I'm part time during the week, my work days are pretty long. Aaaaaand there's the fact I went out a lot during the holiday season with friends. So my days ended up being me leaving the house at 8.30am for work, going straight out after work at 6pm for various celebrations, and then not coming home until the early hours of the morning. But you know, I've worked hard all year long, so I decided to give myself as much time off during the December because I feel as though I deserve to end the tragic year that was 2016 with guilt free enjoyment.

But now I'm back to my usual blogging schedule which will be:

  • Posting at least once a week about random topics on this blog
  • Posting my weekly youtube summary every Sunday on this blog
  • Posting every Saturday on my other blog (linked above)

So after my break I can well and truly say I'm extremely motivated to get back into blogging. The song of the day is Oops by Little Mix ft Charlie Puth. Will the song of the day ever not be a Little Mix song? Probably not!

Izzy K xxx

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