Sunday, 10 July 2016

Weekly Summary: 2nd Week of July

I have no idea if this counts as the 2nd or 3rd week of July, but I've just said it's the 2nd #YOLO!

This week I posted two videos (as per usual). My first was an Izzynterview, which is my monthly collab with 3 of my youtube friends. This month I collabed with Lynxey, Farah Asif, and BrownieBunny. They all make such amazing videos and I truly love watching all of them so I hope you will too if you check out their channels.

The second video which is what I posted today, was the 7 deadly sins of makeup tag which I was very kindly tagged in by my friend on youtube, Daisychainsintherain. I simply love love LOVE talking about makeup so I clearly had a lot of fun filming and uploading this video.

I really hope you enjoyed watching these videos. I'm going on holiday shortly and after that I wont have time to film videos for a while so I'm prefilming like CRAZY so that I'll have videos to upload while I'm away. The song of the day is Hair by Little Mix. Thank you so much for watching,

Izzy K xxx